2018 Kia Soul No Hurry to Expose Its Secrets

It’s difficult to see just what Kia have or haven’t updated thanks mainly to the super padded camouflage fitted to the prototype, but looking at the areas that they have made a great effort to cover, we’d guess that’s the first place to start looking.

2017 Chevrolet Spark affordable subcompact relaunched

The little 2017 Chevrolet Spark subcompact hatchback is the smallest Chevrolet that you can buy. It sells for less than $15,000, and this is beginning to become quite a strong market for the future – it’s all about affordable and sustainable transport.

2017 Nissan Versa is cheap but good

The 2017 Nissan Versa’s main selling point is … “America’s Cheapest New Car”. That can be a blessing or a disadvantage. Before you even get close to one, you’re not going to be expecting much, but is that fair? Surely Nissan wouldn’t sell a car that wasn’t actually worthy of being called a car?

2017 Nissan Sentra will be better equipped

For the 2017 version, Nissan are trying to up their game a bit and offering the 2017 version with more equipment, but what seems to be really lacking is a decent choice of powertrain. This mid-size four door sedan has seen seven previous generations, the 2017 version will be the eighth.

2018 Honda Civic Si blends sport and comfort

This next generation Civic Si looks set to be just as popular, Honda are going all out to make it the car that everyone wants; new equipment, redesign and a complete re-engineer.

2018 Ford Edge will be available in Australia

The 2018 Ford Edge is a mid-size SUV crossover that was first introduced in 2006. While rumors say that Ford boss, Graeme Whickman announced that the new 2018 model will sit at the top of Ford’s SUV range, the current model sits between the Kuga and the Everest.

2018 GMC Acadia is a brilliant 7-seater

The Acadia is GMC’s answer for the luxury 7-seat crossover market. It’s large and well-priced, meaning that it’s quite popular, although if you really are in the market for a luxury SUV, there are many other choices which look better.

New Mazda 6 2018 Might Get Redesigned

The Mazda 6 last had an update back in 2012, the current generation ‘6’ is reasonably popular and even now, still looks quite modern and conforms with all the necessary legislation, so are Mazda planning anything big for the next generation?

2017 Chevy Sonic Is Getting Younger

2017 Chevy Sonic has been introduced becoming sportier and more expressive. The model is updated with new technologies and better interior. Its goal is to attract younger generation of drivers.

2017 Toyota 86 Is Getting Meaner

2017 Toyota 86 is going to compete Subaru BRZ again. With its new style and set of features this year Toyota 86 is going to be hard to beat.

2017 Subaru BRZ Offers High Productivity and Low Price

2017 Subaru BRZ is going to be a mix of power and low price. Its features are wide, its exterior is stylish, its engine is locked and loaded. What about you?

2017 Honda Accord: New Features

2017 Honda Accord is changing. It has a new exterior and highly equipped interior. The new engine is stronger than ever.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Is Getting Sleeker

2018 Honda Accord is going to be modified to provide you better driving experience. The car is said to offer different types of engine and highly comfortable interior. The price is promised to be quite moderate.

2017 Toyota Camry Reloaded

2017 Toyota Camry is going to face radical changes which should have been done a decade ago. The new model promises a lot to its potential drivers.

2017 Mercedes E300 Provides The New Level of Luxury In The Class

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between this model and the outgoing version, but it’s safe to say that Merc have upgraded enough to make buying one a viable proposition over the previous version.

2017 Nissan Titan Warrior - extreme version of heavy-duty pickup

The launch of the Titan Warrior at last year’s Detroit show showed just what Nissan are prepared to do to take on this increasingly popular market, which seems to be dominated by Ford. In fact, critics of the Titan couldn’t help remarking on just how similar the idea behind the Nissan was to the Ford F-150 Raptor.