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2018 Escalade from Cadillac is crammed with technology, toys and features

Cadillac are going through some big changes right now, and as a result, they are trying to change the demographics of the buyers for a Caddy – where once we would find 65+ year-olds buying a Cadillac, we are now looking at a much younger market. Having said that, you still need to find $100,000+ for a top-spec Escalade, so we aren’t talking about millennials.

2018 Infiniti QX80 might have only styling updates

The latest version of QX80 was updated in 2015, although, only insignificant. Infiniti are going with this next update, some say that all this is a redesign, others say it will be a minor restyling, and from what we know, we tend to agree with smaller updates.

What is Going to Change for the New 2018 Volvo XC90

This range topping Volvo had a complete remake for 2016, so we aren’t expecting too much difference for the 2018 Model Year. It seems that where Volvo will concentrate their efforts is on the equipment fitted and minor styling details.

Spy Shots of Next Generation Grand Cherokee Revealed

New Jeep Grand Cherokee has been spotted out in the streets and it gives us some food for thoughts. As far as we can judge the vehicle is going to stay quite traditional but it will still have some interesting features. The most interesting things are going on under the hood.

2018 Audi Q7 vs 2018 VW Atlas - Who Will Win?

2018 Audi Q7 vs 2018 VW Atlas. Both models are going to be released soon enough so we've decided to take a close look at them. New Audi has focused on elegant body and a lot of technologies while 2018 Atlas has become crisp and spacious.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Body Style and Other Changes by Year

Jeep Grand Cherokee has a long history. The car has been on the market for about 20 years and it has gone through serious changes. Some of them were revolutionary while others were quite insignificant. Detailed description is already in this article.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas The Biggest VW SUV For The USA

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will have to carry a large weight on its shoulders; VW are hoping to rebuild their reputation, and the Atlas will be the starting point, heck, it will even be the first VeeDub built solely in the U.S. – it’s pretty much made for the American market.

2019 Ford Bronco Appearance Is Still a Secret

The Ford Bronco is perhaps a legend of the automotive world, first introduced in 1966 as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (essentially, the term for an SUV back then). While many Americans have grown up with the Bronco, it only really gained worldwide fame thanks to a car chase that was sent live around the world.

2017 Ford Expedition Is Almost Done

2017 Ford Expedition is another SUV with an mipressive power and comfortable interior. This car will look attractive and will provide with numerous infotainment features.

2017 Dodge Durango Redesign Getting A New Size

The American company Dodge is one of the leading specializing in production of all-terrain jeeps. It recently presented new SUV Dodge Durango. This high-spirited and powerful SUV left far behind Jeep and Chevrolet.

HCCI Technology for the 2018 Mazda 6?

The Mazda 6 last had an update back in 2012, the current generation ‘6’ is reasonably popular and even now, still looks quite modern and conforms with all the necessary legislation, so are Mazda planning anything big for the next generation?

2018 Ford Fusion Coupe Rumors, Moderate Update For Sedan

The new Fusion features updated design and a new Sport model, which have a high output turbocharged engine. The interior was also improved, with new seats and dashboard mounted.