Spy Shots of Next Generation Grand Cherokee Revealed

New generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 is still coming. During the recent shows you could see new design tendencies of the carmaker but the new Grand Cherokee has a different destiny. According to what we can see from spy shots the vehicle will retain some of traditional features but will also have something new to boast boat.

Spied in Detroit

Recently the new shots of this model have been published. They show us this vehicle driving down Detroit streets. The exact place is still unknown though. Judging from them the new Jeep Grand Cherokee hasn’t changed much. If you saw it in the street you would think that it is Grand Cherokee SRT of 470 horsepower which naturally-aspirated. In fact there’s a huge difference which takes this car to another level.

What's under the hood

We’re talking about what’s going on under the hood of the vehicle. Now it comes with a monstrous Hellcat engine. The upcoming Jeep Cherokee inherits it from Dodge Challenger. This unit is so powerful that it can provide up to 707 horsepower. The torque is a matter of praise too. You can expect it to be around 650 lb-ft. By the way this is V8 type of unit which has 6.2 litres of capacity. Great, isn’t it? In addition, this engine is said to be seriously modified. The main changes will be focused on cooling technologies. There’s already something to tell about it.

What to redesign

How is this monster going to be cooled? The company plans to make the new grille a bit shorter in size. By doing this it will be possible to have three openings which haven’t been used before. They will be placed under the grille. One of the air intakes (it can be found in the main section) has become a bit bigger.

Now you can see that foglights of the vehicle have found a new place as well. They are placed in standalone intakes this time which give this vehicle a bit different look. The front spoiler has something to show as well. It is made with updated opening of slit-like kind.

Nevertheless, it is quite early to make any predictions about the size of the anticipated car. On the one hand, it looks pretty the same and doesn’t feel any bigger or smaller. On the other hand, the predictions that the car will provide more comfortable cabin which means that it may become more spacious.


There’re a lot of rumors concerning this release nowadays. As far as we can trust to the most credible sources the model will come in the end of 2017 and will be presented as 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawck. Will it support AWD system? It’s likely to happen but it is still a big challenge for engineers to mate it with new Hellcat engine.

2017-03-5 by Luke Widmeyer