Special Edition SEMA Ford F-150 Trucks Since 2010

Ford is a loyal participant of SEMA show. For many years their F-150 trucks have been displayed and they have always been the centre of attention. We have traced back the models which have been presented at SEMA show starting from 2010. Unlike 2018 F-150 Lightning, those trucks are only a concepts from tuning shops.

2010 SEMA Trucks - EcoBoost introduction

This show was proud to show a really hot truck. It was one of the first F-150s by Ford which had EcoBoost engine with twin-turbo technologies. Specially for the show it was turned into a fuel-efficient vehicle. It also lost a few pounds but obtained a large air-intake system. This truck produced up to 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. The emissions have also been reduced. The paint job included such colours as Pearl Black, white, silver and copper. Inside the vehicle had an LCD screen and sound system by Sony.

2011 SEMA Trucks - Off-road oriented

This time SEMA showed four modifications of F-150 trucks. One of them was made by Mickey Thompson. It included tires of 35 inches and upgraded suspension. There also was PIAA type of lightning along with custom made stereo.

Another modification was made by A.R.E. Accessories. Its main feature was an exterior with a stadium silhouette on it. You could also enjoy pigskin leather interior bits.

Godfather Customs also showed their version. It was an EcoBoost model of 3.5 litres of displacement. There was a bumper cover used as well as handle covers and tonneau cover.

Custom Shop made another version of F-150. It lost a lot of weight but retained the same EcoBoost engine. The resistance of tires was improved significantly. The level of emission was reduced too.

2012-2013 SEMA Trucks - Sport and Off-road

In 2012 you could see the following trucks. One of them Ford F-150 made for 2013 year. It was FX2 Sport Super Cab model equipped with V6 EcoBoost engine of the same displacement as before. It was twin-turbo production with upgraded chassis and handling. The model became lower but sat on bigger wheels. It braking system was improved. The model looked awesome owing to its new proportions.

2013 model used 3.5-litre engine of V6 type. It was EcoBoost production once again. It used BDS suspension along with BMF wheels. There was fusion bumper. The model also used lights miming LED technologies. The back part had a fusion bumper as well with LED E-Series lights. It could also boast about AMP Research power boards. Toneau cover and A.R.E paint matched each other well. You could also use 6-inch BDS lift kit.

2015 SEMA Trucks - different approaches

In 2015 there was a plenty of F-150 trucks. One of them a monstrous looking vehicle by Brian Deegan / Chris Ross. It had better fuel efficiency and a new exhaust.

The model by RTR and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. showed amazing front lightning of greenish tint. This vehicle sits lower and uses green coloured wheels.

Addictive Desert Designs made a white version with flaring fenders and a cool-looking bumper. It included 2.7-litre engine of EcoBoost type.

Other models were by the following teams:

  • Fabtech
  • TS Designs
  • MAD Industries
  • A.R.E. Accessories
  • LEER Truck Caps
  • Nitto Tire

2016 SEMA Ford F-150 truck

The latest SEMA featured four F-150s. Two of them use V6 engine of 3.5 litres with EcoBoost technologies. Two other trucks include V8 unit of 5.0 litres.

Hulst Customs EraThr3 F-150 has a new bumper and grille. It’s an aggressive looking vehicle providing 750 horsepower owing to V8 engine.

Bojix Design F-150 XLT 4x4 boast V6 unit, LED lightning , custom paintjob, 22-inch wheels, DVD monitors and a Decked bed storage system.

A.R.E. Accessories F-150 XLT 4x4 is powered by V6 unit of turbocharged type and upgraded exhaust. It also uses Skyjacker suspension. Axalta custom paintjob can also be observed here.

Adrenaline Rush F-150 Lariat 4x4 is the model with V8 engine. Its wheels are of 20 and 37 inches. Alea custom leather upholstery is used inside of this vehicle.

2017-03-3 by Luke Widmeyer