New 2018 BMW 5 series will cross the reasonable line

Anniversary 2018 BMW 5 series "30 Jahre M5" one of the first out on the magical power of 600 HP, subtly hinting to the competitors that return is more modest — not comme Il faut. "M" the new generation will be more powerful and will give its fans a few surprises.

The main competitors for 5-series are Audi A6 and Mercedes E-class.

But it's not very new

Say at once — the power of the "six hundred" is not new among cars of the class E. for Example, it has a 605-horsepower superuniversal Audi RS6 Avant performance and, of course, outstanding Cadillac CTS-V 640 HP. But not so long ago this heart could boast except that low-volume supercars.

5 series monstrous return

Following the trend, new BMW M5 will be more powerful than a modern monster, who gives the standard 560 HP On insider information, has fallen into the possession of an Internet resource, from the engine of the BMW 5 series 2018 (presumably, the car will retain the 4.4-liter, "bi-turbo-eight") squeezes 626 HP

The results have been impressive, but in the context of the "5 series M" evolution, the increase looks rather trivial. The most noticeable gap in power showed the car last generation (E60), whose naturally aspirated V10 engine gave out on a hundred "horses" more than unit predecessor, the E39 V8.

The upgraded powertrain

A significant, if not key, "5 series" innovation — all-wheel drive transmission, which, finally, will be available as an option. Inveterate adherents of the mono-drive from BMW M GmbH had obviously given up after the Mercedes-AMG E63 4Matic has outsold rear-drive counterpart.

2018 BMW 5 series loses weight

The transition to a more nimble platform, unified with the modern BMW 7-series G11/G12, will lose tens of kilograms, which ultimately will result in better dynamics. We believe that "M" can accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds (the modern acceleration of a sedan fit in a 4.3 C).

It is interesting that modern BMW M5 is inferior in dynamics of the colossus M760Li xDrive. Full-size sedan in Geneva, develops 610 HP and is a three-digit figure on the speedometer for 3.7 S.

The new Mercedes-AMG E63 will beat the "m" — it is expected closer to the end of the year. According to preliminary data, the return of the 4.0-liter engine twin-turbo V8 will make about 600 HP

2018 BMW 5 series release date

The excretion of a car in public to be held late in 2016, and in sale it will arrive in early 2017.

Release date: late 2016

2018 BMW 5 series video

2016-04-25 by Luke Widmeyer