Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Jeep Cherokee

Jeep is one of beloved models among those drivers who want good off-road experience. Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee are both popular on the SUV market and loyal Jeep devotees will never criticize this brand. By the way these models are starting to match each other in sales. So which vehicle is the best for you and how different are they? We’ll compare their size, price, performance and other characteristics. Will Jeep Grand Cherokee 2019 replace both cars?

Style and Size

The recent models of these vehicles are quite close to each other in terms of how they look. They’ve even become closer than a few years ago. Jeep Cherokee now includes top class material which makes it closer to Jeep Grand Cherokee. Nevertheless, Cherokee still can’t compete again Grand Cherokee in terms of interior.

The main difference between these cars is their size. Grand Cherokee boast a more spacious cabin which provides much more cargo capacity. For example, the vehicle has around 68 c.f. in the rear part while Cherokee offers 54 c.f. only. It’s good to know that Cherokee and its Grand brother are provided with seats which can be folded down.

Price and Economy

The latest version of Jeep Cherokee has a starting price which is much lower than it competitor's. Standard Cherokee will cost you about $29,995 while its engine shows such numbers as 31 MPG highway. As for, fuel range you can expect approximately 489 miles. Grand Cherokee is rated as 25 MPG highway (without Ecodiesel). Driving range is estimated as 730 miles. Not bad for a large SUV, isn’t it?

They both have high rating in terms of quality.


The recent model of Cherokee is equipped with Tigershark I4 engine which provides 2.4 liters of capacity. It’s good for generating as much as 184 horsepower. If you want to go fast you can opt for Pentastar V6 which outputs 271 horsepower. It’s provided with Stop/Star technology which helps to save fuel. Both of these units are mated with 9-speed transmission of an automatic type.
Its relative is produced with 3.6-liter Pentastar of V6 kind. This model outputs 290 horsepower.

If you feel that you need even more you can use V8 engine of 5.7 litres which generates 360 horsepower. Its Eco mode gives this model privileges. The vehicle is made with a nice 8-speed transmission of an automatic kind. If you want something even stronger you can try SRT edition. This one will give you 475 horsepower.

2017-02-24 by Luke Widmeyer