Land Rover

2019 Land Rover Defender - Proper Successor of a Legend

When it was announced that Land Rover would be stopping production of the Defender, there was uproar among the die-hard fans, fortunately, Jaguar Land Rover saw sense and are bringing it back to life with the all new 2019 Land Rover Defender.

New 2018 Range Rover Sport expect a facelift

The new 2018 Range Rover Sport has been seen testing on public roads, albeit fully camouflaged up. Working to the usual product life-cycle and production processes, we’d expect to see the new Sport hit the dealerships in the third quarter of 2017.

2017 Land Rover Defender Promise To Be All-New

2017 Land Rover Defender is going to become even better than it was. The car will have numerous features and systems.

2017 Mercedes E300 Provides The New Level of Luxury In The Class

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between this model and the outgoing version, but it’s safe to say that Merc have upgraded enough to make buying one a viable proposition over the previous version.

2017 Nissan Titan Warrior - extreme version of heavy-duty pickup

The launch of the Titan Warrior at last year’s Detroit show showed just what Nissan are prepared to do to take on this increasingly popular market, which seems to be dominated by Ford. In fact, critics of the Titan couldn’t help remarking on just how similar the idea behind the Nissan was to the Ford F-150 Raptor.