2018 Escalade from Cadillac is crammed with technology, toys and features

Cadillac are going through some big changes right now, and as a result, they are trying to change the demographics of the buyers for a Caddy – where once we would find 65+ year-olds buying a Cadillac, we are now looking at a much younger market. Having said that, you still need to find $100,000+ for a top-spec Escalade, so we aren’t talking about millennials.

2018 Cadillac XT7 Would Be Bigger 7-Seater

Cadillac are expanding their line up further, with the release of a new three row crossover in the form of the 2018 Cadillac XT7. It will be built on the same platform as the XT5. The XT7 will replace the SRX and sit between the Caddy XT5 and the massive Escalade.

2018 Cadillac Eldorado With Speculations About Future

2018 Cadillac Eldorado may come sooner than you think. The model is said to be a hybrid with a cmopletely new style.

2017 Cadillac Eldorado: Model For Sophisticated Drivers

2017 Cadillac Eldorado has improved its engine to offer you better performance and productivity. Along with impressive body and comfortable interior this model is impeccable.

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood: New Generation of Comfort

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood is going to be another high class car by Cadillac. The model has roomy interior, elegant exterior and strong engine which will surprise you.

2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV, EXT Price - Offers A New Approach To Luxury

2017 Cadillac Escalade is designed luxuriuos and powerful but ist comfortable and spacious inside. The new model will surround you with the latest technologies offering high productivity level.

2017 Cadillac SRX promises to combine comfort with driving dynamics

2017 Cadillac SRX is a unique combination of the best features from the leading carmakers. Luxury, driving dynamics along with comfort and technologes. Is it a new prophet in world of cars?

HCCI Technology for the 2018 Mazda 6?

The Mazda 6 last had an update back in 2012, the current generation ‘6’ is reasonably popular and even now, still looks quite modern and conforms with all the necessary legislation, so are Mazda planning anything big for the next generation?

2018 Ford Fusion Coupe Rumors, Moderate Update For Sedan

The new Fusion features updated design and a new Sport model, which have a high output turbocharged engine. The interior was also improved, with new seats and dashboard mounted.