2019 Toyota Tacoma Expected New Power-Plants

Toyota first introduced the Tacoma to the world back in 1995, the first-generation lasted until 2004 and was classed as a compact pickup. For the second generation, they upgraded the size and it has been a midsize pickup ever since, competing with the likes of the Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Frontier.

Toyota announced that they intend to increase production at their Tijuana plant – they currently produce about 100,000 units a year (almost half of the global numbers sold) but want to up that to at least 160,000.

Under the Hood

As we’ve already said, Toyota haven’t released any information regarding the new Tacoma, but there are lots of rumors and speculation. Currently powering the Tacoma is a 3.5 liter V6 with 278 BHP @ 6,000 RPM and 265 lb/ft of torque at 4,600 RPM. It’s been around for a little while now and although it still delivers the goods, it could definitely be improved upon.

With all manufacturers being pressed to lower their global emissions, it’s more than likely that the V6 will either be significantly updated or that Toyota will introduce a new engine into the line-up.

The current V6 is quite techie – 24 valves, all VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing – Intelligent) and copes well with being used hard, we’d would expect to see Toyota updating this engine rather than trying to create something new – although with significant updates, it’s likely that it will be classed as all-new.

A lot of manufacturers take this route and then claim something like ‘57% all new’ engine redesign. Or maybe it’s time for America to fall in love with the diesel – yes, they’re smoky and smelly but for low-down grunt, they can’t be beaten.

We are also reasonably certain that the transmission will be at least an 8-speed automatic driving the rear wheels with the 4WDemand part-time four-wheel drive system being utilized again.

Lighter & Stiffer

The new Tacoma will without doubt shed a few pounds, thanks mainly to lighter and stiffer high grade construction materials, we may even see aluminum being used in the majority of the bodywork - many manufacturers are taking this route now, and yes it’s a significant investment with all-new tooling but we already know that Toyota are upgrading their facility in Tijuana so it makes perfect sense to incorporate it all together.

Thanks to the weight-loss, we also know that we’ll get all-new suspension – not only is the current model using very outdated suspension (leaf springs have been around since the invention of the automobile) but the difference in weight means that Toyota will have to re-engineer it to suit.

The trick for Toyota is getting the balance right – yes, it needs to work when fully loaded up, but it also needs to offer some compliance when the truck is empty – many trucks don’t get this quite right, and as a result they’re always very tail-happy – good fun at times, but not every day.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Style

We know that the 2019 Tacoma will be more than a freshen-up, it will be different enough to be 4th generation – Toyota won’t introduce the fourth-gen before that, it just makes no sense to. Expect to see quite a change at the front-end – the ‘face’ of the vehicle always gets changed – it’s so that the newer model is easier to distinguish against the older version.

So expect to see different headlamps, LED of course, a revised grille and curvier, more aerodynamic bodywork. A truck is never to going to be aerodynamically efficient, but it doesn’t have to be in-efficient either – think about the Honda Ridgeline for example.

When Will We See Toyota Tacoma 2019?

Normally, and going on past history, we would expect Toyota to debut the new generation Tacoma at one of the larger auto shows sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2018 – this would give them plenty of time to get the production lines to full capacity for a national roll-out around September or October of 2018 – as a 2019 Model Year.

However, given that Toyota will be upgrading their main facility for the Tacoma, we could easily see delays pushing the arrival back, maybe even as late as early 2019, although in Toyota’s books, that would be a disaster.

We would guess it will be available to purchase in the fourth-quarter of 2018 – that’s about as close as we can get.

We don’t have any pricing indicators from Toyota – only that the current model starts at $24,320 + taxes. Toyota won’t want to lose too much of the market share so it’s doubtful they’ll put the prices up much beyond inflation – we’d estimate that the 2019 Tacoma will start in the region of $25,000.

2017-04-6 by Luke Widmeyer