2019 Toyota Sienna Could Become a Bigger Van

The Toyota Sienna minivan was introduced back in 1997 as a replacement for the Previa ‘van, it’s manufactured at Toyota’s Indiana plant but it’s becoming the last of a dying breed – Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai and Mazda have all pulled out of the minivan market.

For some manufacturers, the fact that other brands are pulling out means that they will also reconsider their position – surely it’s a market that’s in decline? But it seems that Toyota view it differently – if the other brands are pulling out, then it means their market share could be bigger.

Either way, the fact that sales don’t even reach 50% of the 2005 sales numbers tells you that the market really is on the way down; Toyota even started exporting the Sienna to Korea in 2011 and still the sales numbers aren’t great.

Improved Gas Mileage


1. 2019 Toyota Sienna Fuel Efficiency
2. Redesign
3. Toyota Sienna 2019 Price Change
4. Electric Power

There isn’t that much factual information regarding the 2019 Toyota Sienna, mainly speculation, rumor and hearsay, but we are fairly confident in saying that the 2019 Sienna will have the 3.5 liter V6 that is currently fitted, but it will get some modifications and upgrades. The upgrades will help to push gas mileage that little further along with increasing the horsepower.

Power outputs should rise to around 296 BHP and 263 lb/ft of torque, but … and it’s a big but … peak power (horsepower) will be made at 6,600 RPM – just 150 RPM short of the redline. That’s quite ridiculous for a vehicle of this nature – Toyota have got this so wrong.

Even peak torque happens at 4,400 RPM – the engine needs to have much more low down grunt – it’s not a sporty vehicle, you shouldn’t need to drive it like one. Whatever the state of tune, the motor will be coupled up to an 8-speed automatic transmission – a further aid to those extra Miles Per Gallon figures, which should be 20 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway. It’s these little details that have helped Toyota scoop the “Most Fuel-Efficient Full-Line Automotive Manufacturer” award.

2019 Toyota Sienna Minivan Styling

The 2019 Sienna will be significantly updated in the styling department, but then even with the last significant update, you’d have to say that the Sienna resembles a round-edged shoe box – it isn’t pretty. And don't expect some radical 2019 Toyota Sienna redesign, it is still a minor revamp.

But that is just part of minivan ownership – you don’t expect to get Bugatti style aerodynamic sleekness when purchasing a ‘van, but does it have to be so ... boxy? The last update certainly improved on the looks, with a little luck, the next updates will continue to do so, and then by the time the 2019 Toyota Sienna is released, it will actually have some style.

Toyota are definitely planning to make the Sienna 2019 as sleek as they can, and to improve the aerodynamic efficiency – minor styling details will improve the airflow across the vehicle as whole, reducing drag slightly and the upshot of this will be improved fuel economy.

Expect to see a full set of LED lighting, both front and rear, including the Daytime Running Lights. The DRL’s will fit into the redesigned bumper alongside the air intake, giving a slightly aggressive look to the front end of the new Toyota Sienna 2019, helped by a sportier shaped front grille. In short, the 2019 Toyota Sienna will look as sporty as it’s possible to make a big box look.

Little Change On The Finances

The Sienna currently retails at $29,750 for the base model, and rumor has it that the new 2019 Sienna redesign won’t be priced much differently – after all, the sales numbers are already pretty low, increasing the price dramatically isn’t going to help that.

We would expect to see the new 2019 Sienna base model for sale at about the $30,000 mark, with the fully loaded flagship closer to $45,000, maybe even $50,000.

Looking at past Model Year release dates, we’d expect the new Sienna 2019 hitting the showrooms around the mid-part of 2018, so we are putting our money on a July release date. We doubt that car producer will be rushing to release the Toyota Sienna redesign 2019 – it isn’t as though there is an army of fans waiting for the new model.

Electric Power

We’ve also heard rumor that Toyota want to make a hybrid version of the Sienna. While we understand that manufacturers are under pressure to minimize their overall global fuel consumption with vehicles, we aren’t sure whether investing that much money in changing the whole of the vehicle is a viable option financially – it’s doubtful that Toyota would sell enough to get a return on their investment.

Having said that, we do know that all vehicle manufacturers will slowly have to start thinking of the future of vehicles – gasoline isn’t going to be around forever, and in terms of efficiency, it’s poor to say the least – even a super-efficient Formula 1 can only convert around 50% of fuel to energy, road cars are much less.

Toyota have won a number of industry awards, not just for minivans, although the Sienna has won the 2016 Best Resale Value: Minivan award, along with a NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating, Best Buy Award 2016 and One of the 16 Best Family Cars 2016 award so if you really do need the practicality of a minivan, the 2019 Toyota Sienna van is pretty much the best choice.

2017-03-28 by Luke Widmeyer