New 2019 Dodge Challenger Could Have Convertible Version, Alfa Platform

Dodge reintroduced the Challenger name eight years ago, it took hold with the old people looking to recapture their youth and the young people trying to impress … or wanting something a little bit cooler than the run of the mill sedan.

There is very little information about the 2019 Dodge Challenger news, either official or speculation, but most of that speculation surrounds the Hellcat version and powerplants that Dodge may use for the new model; V6, V8, inline 4, turbo or supercharging … it’s a whole world of wonder!

The main rival for the car is Ford Mustang and it's Shelby modifications.

2019 Dodge Challenger Release date

We believe that Dodge intend to have a full roll out of the new 2019 Dodge Challenger in the late part of 2018. But, given that we’re expecting a completely new model, we have no doubt that Dodge will have a show car at one or two of the large American auto shows in the early part of 2018 – just to start the anticipation and expectations of the waiting customers.

2019 Dodge Challenger Price

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no reference for pricing for the Dodge Challenger 2019. The model will be completely different and new, so we can’t even benchmark it against the current or next year model. Stay tuned for updates – as soon as we have any more information, we’ll be posting it here.

2019 Challenger Redesign

Virtually nothing is known about the 2019 Dodge Challenger changes, other than it will be built upon the Alfa Romeo ‘Giulia’ platform, meaning a much smaller, lighter and more dynamic vehicle the redesigned Dodge Challenger 2019 would be. Expect to see signature styling cues such as the headlights stay as part of the design – the current Challenger has a distinctive style, Dodge won’t want to step too far away from that, it’s part of their brand for the 2019 Dodge Challenger refresh.

We also know that car manufacturer will be producing a 2019 Dodge Challenger convertible version; the ‘vert will bring back the Barracuda name to the world.

Dodge Challenger 2019 Specs

As regards the oily bits; it’s a safe bet that Dodge will stick with a hefty V8, perhaps even a V6 for the mid-range model, but we also think that Dodge will introduce a smaller, 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo. The smaller motor should still pack a 300+ punch, but of course that may not be enough for the purists – ain’t no substitute for cubes as they say.

The 2019 Challenger Hellcat should see an increase in power, up to a minimum of 750 BHP, but it’s doubtful that Dodge will go further – limiting at 750 BHP still gives them another 50 – 60 BHP for future upgrades.

2016-12-19 by Luke Widmeyer