More power, lighter weight, better suspension – the new 2019 BMW X5

BMW first introduced the X5 back in 1999, although technically it’s an SUV, BMW chose to call it a Sports Activity Vehicle; giving the impression that it isn’t just a regular old Sports Utility Vehicle.

Looking at the history and BMW’s normal schedule for release, we wouldn’t expect to see a new generation X5 until at least 2020, but industry insiders have said that BMW will be releasing this next one a little earlier – perhaps becayse it will be the 20th anniversary of the model? That would make sense to us, but no one is really foing to know aside from BMW management. Either way, it will be good to see the new model.

Smaller V8?


1. Smaller V8?
2. G05 Platform
3. Styling Cues
4. New X5 Expected in October
5. Will it have new equipment?

A heavily camouflaged version of the next-generation X5 has been seen out testing on the famous Nurburgring in Germany. We’d guess that they were performance testing as it was being driven like it was stolen!

Given the noise coming from under the hood, we know that ir had a V8 fitted, but we don’t yet know just what size that V8 is – industry rumors say that BMW may be dropping the 4.4 liter V8 in favor of something smaller – a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8. All engines will be coupled up to a completely revised 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Again, this would make sense – manufacturers are being forced to go smaller ans smaller with the engine capacity in a bid to fit with emission legislation – it doesn’t actually work that well, but it’s the best of a bad job.

It looks like the will be a range of models worldwide: xDrive 30i, xDrive 30d, xDrive 40i, xDrive 40d and the xDrive 50i, but it’s doubtful that the smaller 30i will make it to the U.S. shores. We have even heard rumors that BMW could introduce something even smaller, but we don’t think that will happen – the X5 just isn’t that type of vehicle, and sub 2.0 liter motor would just be wrong, plain and simple.

G05 Platform

As for the rest of it, we know that BMW will be updating the platform to the G05 platform using the CLAR technology – it will share this with the new X6 and X7 that will be built at the same facility.

Thanks to the new platform, the X5 will be significantly lighter, perhaps as much as 200 lbs lighter. This will mainly come about as a result of better materials being used – more aluminum, some magnesium and possibly a little carbon fiber in the mix just for good measure.

Because of the weight reduction, BMW will have to completely re-engineer the suspension also. The aim for BMW is to keep the ride quality with a sporty feeling without making the ride too harsh – it’s not an easy trick to pull off but BMW usually manage it well.

Styling Cues?

As for the styling, no one knows yet – the model that has been out testing was heavily camouflaged, although it looks to have slimmer headlights, a square section exhaust and redesigned rear – the rest is pure speculation, although a number of websites have completed their own renderings of what they expect it to look like – some look great, some a little-less so.

You’d have to say that BMW don’t normally fail in the styling department, all of their vehicles have a certain something about them and the current X5 is no exception, so hopefully we’ll get something that looks as it goes – sporty, aggressive and comfortable.

The New 2019 BMW X5 Is Expected in October 2018

Although BMW have remained very quiet about pricing and release date, we’d expect the new 2019 X5 to be similar in price for the base model – it’s a very competitive market and lumping another few thousand dollars on to an existing price just doesn’t work – it will lose them some of their market share.

So expect to see a starting price in the region of $55,000 – we don’t know what equipment will be included for that price, but it’s hardly likely to come with manual windows or cloth upholstery is it?

We believe that we’ll get to see the new X5 sometime around the middle of 2018 at one of the larger international auto shows, and then production starting in October of 2018, ready to be launched as a 2019 Model Year.

Will The 2019 BMW X5 Have New Equipment?

As we’ve already stated, we don’t know what will come as standard equipment, but you’d have a safe bet to include options for all manner of safety equipment and toys; think pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assist with steering, rear cross-traffic alert, rear view camera, pre-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, Wi-Fi with 4G LTE, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, touchscreen infotainment system and possibly some degree of autonomous driving, after all, the X5 is one of BMW’s luxury vehicles.

We are still waiting on BMW to release official details of the specification, launch date and pricing, but as soon as we have any more information, we’ll be updating the article.

2017-04-25 by Luke Widmeyer