2018 Volkswagen Golf R - Now Over 300 HP

We’ve written extensively on the Volkswagen Golf already, but only the base model. Our attention has now turned to the Golf R; the sportier Golf model with beefed up engine, suspension and ride.

While VW may not have given official word on the new ‘R’ model, we can get an idea what to expect by looking to our European cousins – they generally get the next model along a year or so before us, however, Volkswagen sometimes play cute and change the specification slightly.

We don’t know everything about the next Golf R, but we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The main rivals for the car are sporty versions of the Focus and Civic Type-R.

2018 Volkswagen Golf R Release date

Volkswagen won’t be releasing the 2018 Golf R until the late part of 2017, expect to see it in the showrooms around September at the earliest.

2018 Golf R Price

No official pricing has been announced by VW yet, but we can tell you that in Europe, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R sells for around €44,000 with the new 7-speed dual clutch transmission. If that price relates directly to dollars, we’d see it on sale for a little over $47,000.

2018 Golf R Specs

The 2.0 liter turbo charged engine has been packed with a little more punch for this latest version, up from 292 BHP & 280 lb/ft to 306 BHP and 292 lb/ft. Sadly, we aren’t going to see the Golf R 400 go in to production – a direct result of the cost cutting measures brought in after ‘dieselgate’.

2018 Golf R Interior

Neither will we see much in the form of updates for the interior; the cabin is remarkably similar to the outgoing model, although it will be fitted with more tech, including a 12.3” TFT screen as a digital instrument cluster, increased size for the infotainment screen (up to 6.5”, although that can be upgraded to 8” and 9.2”) and numerous safety systems. There will even be gesture control on the high end models.

2018 Volkswagen Golf R Changes and Redesign

On the exterior, Volkswagen have made the Golf R look a little more sporty and aggressive, with restyled bumpers, larger air intakes, LED headlights as standard and slightly redesigned grille. We should also get new exterior colors and a choice of new designs for the wheels.

Overall, the Golf R has changed enough to be recognizably different from the 2017 model, but it isn’t really a new generation, we’re talking evolution rather than revolution here, but that may not be a bad thing.

What do you think to the new Golf R? Love it? Or is it one big yawn? Let us know

2017-02-5 by Luke Widmeyer