Toyota Supra 2018 Combines Toyota and BMW Features

Upcoming Toyota Supra comes promising to combine top features from BMW as well as Toyota itself. Remarkably, even the final title of the auto is not chosen yet. So the automobile may arrive called Supra, 2000GT or even Fluminous. What is more Supra has likelihood to see the car market designed as coupe or even as convertible. The analog from Germans is likely to be called BMW Z5.

2018 Supra Price

2018 Supra price is likely to cost around $50,000 but still this is investment to make because the driving experience will surprise you pleasantly. The 2018 Supra price tag will be largely depends on the trim levels and engine used.

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date

According to the information unproved Supra arrival is expected in 2016, possibly in early 2017. However, there is no confirmation of the 2018 Supra news regarding the actual release of the car.

2018 Supra release date: early 2017

2018 Supra Redesign

If you are familiar with Ft-1, which is considered as 2018 Supra concept, the design will not come as a surprise for you since it imitates some of its details. But still numerous individual features are to be found. For instance, a particularly different grill along with exhaust inherited from the previous model of Supra. Being the trendsetter among sport cars the very body of this auto is rather long with a compact back. To make this car faster only light materials have been chosen such as aluminum and fibers of carbon.

Recent 2018 Supra spy shots shows that the car will get highly aerodynamic shape.

2018 Toyota Supra Video

2018 Toyota Supra Interior

Even though the car is fast and maneuverable it is comfortable for the driver. Thus, you can feel relaxed in seats of leather surrounded with pleasant dark atmosphere. Not only does upcoming new 2018 Supra combine style and elegance, it also gives you new audio experience because it is equipped with unsurpassed audio system. You can rely on this car since the safety system is also of high level and will help you to avoid risky situations. Hardly can it be a drawback for the sport car but still the cabin is far from being very spacious.

However, the interior is likely to be less futuristic than 2018 Toyota Supra ft1 concept has.

2018 Toyota Supra Specs and Engine

Even though there is no reliable news on the engine details but some people believe the opinion exists that this kind of auto will be equipped with V6 engine of 3 liter, or 2018 Supra engine will be 2.0 L turbocharged I4, both with manual 6-speed transmission. Acceleration promises to be one of the strongest points of this model. 2018 Toyota Supra horsepower rating expected 400 hp at maximum does sound as a meaningful advantage. 2018 Toyota Supra 0-60 time is likely to be around 4.5 seconds.

The exact 2018 supra specs will be revealed later.

 2018 Toyota Supra Overview

There are still a lot of rumors around this model. Some people find it strange that BMW technologies are used along with Toyota’s ones. While others see it as an innovative approach possible to lead 2018 Supra to a different level. Even though many details are not revealed yet keeping drivers guessing one thing is sure, this car is a perfect friend for those who have passion for speed.

2018 Toyota Supra Images

2016-05-29 by Luke Widmeyer