2018 Latest Toyota Sports Car, Do Not Mistake It For Supra

New era of sports cars by Toyota is coming and it promises to be rather interesting. According to the latest tendencies and rumors we can make a guess which car is going to be the next in line. Toyota still does not reveal any secrets and does not even announce which model will be developed. Fluminous, Supra or 2000 GT may be? It all is a mystery so far. Let’s try to gather all the information available and try to understand what to expect.

2018 Toyota Sports Car Release Date

If we can make a prediction it is worth expecting new sports type by Toyota quite soon. For instance, 2018 Supra is said to be released in the end of 2016 while other sports model are going to arrive during the next year. So it is reasonable to hope to see 2018 sports novelty in the mid-2017.

2018 Toyota Sports Car Price

This aspect still stays under the veil of mystery. However, if we take Toyota Supra and similar BMW models into consideration, there is a likelihood that the price will start from around $40,000.

2018 Toyota Sports Car Redesign

What will 2018 Toyota sports class look like? First of all, we should admit that it will have no relation to Supra since this model is going to have its own destiny. One of the most popular beliefs is that new sports car by Toyota will be based on FT1 concept which sounds quite reasonable. Thus, we can expect stylish and aggressive look of the body which most likely is going to lose some weight. What is more, it is said that new model will be offered in two variants which are coupe as well as convertible. Hardly can we be more specific about exterior of this auto due to a lack of reliable information.

2018 Toyota Sports Car Video

2018 Toyota Sports Car Engine and Specifications

Hardly can we suppose that new engine will use inline six technologies since Toyota has stopped using them. According to the latest trend this model is going to run on V8 or V6 unit that sounds quite realistic. If we can think of 2017 Toyota Supra there is a possibility that sports cars by Toyota may continue to use BMW turbo technologies. Judging from this, we can expect introduction of six cylinder or four cylinder engines.

2018 Toyota Sports Car Interior

According to the latest Toyota tendency it is reasonable to expect comfortable interior with leather upholstery and a lot of features. Since the carmaker focuses on comfort while driving at high speed we can hope to see adjustable seats which follow your body contours and a lot of space in the cabin.

As you know Toyota puts a lot of effort to provide you with cutting edge technologies. It means that infotainment aspect will be exclusively interesting with numerous buttons, screens and systems. No to mention safety features of extra high class.


2016-06-19 by Luke Widmeyer