2018 Toyota Prius Expected to Break Records Again

The Toyota Prius was perhaps one of the forerunners of the hybrid movement, certainly it seems that Toyota were what you’d call an early adopter of the technology, although for many, the Prius took a severe slating from the critics; economy in the 40’s range wasn’t that spectacular, certainly not enough to justify the price, or more importantly, the shortfalls of the Prius.

It was never a great car, and perhaps the best compliment that we could pay to the later versions is that they are more like a ‘normal’ car and don’t have as many shortcomings.

The new 2018 Toyota Prius will be launched in the third quarter of 2017 at the earliest, full dealership roll out by September is expected for this new model.

There are a number of Prius models available, rumor has it that we’ll also be seeing a compact Prius SUV, but the regular Prius hatch should start in the region of $27,000. Going for the fully loaded flag ship will set you back over $50,000.

The New Overall Styling For Toyota Prius 2018

The overall styling of the Toyota Prius will be updated for the 2018 model, the car looks better, sleeker and absolutely modern; the outgoing version seemed to have lost the battle in the styling department. The new styling resembles the C-HR and possibly elements of the Nissan Juke also.

Mechanically, little has changed, although Toyota have added all new double wishbone suspension to the model. Ride quality should be significantly improved.

The engine isn’t going to get any upgrades, still the same 4-cylinder 100 BHP powerplant, nor for that matter will the electric motor, although the battery fitted will be lighter than the current offering. Having said that, Toyota are quoting MPG figures as high as 56 MPG, so we aren’t sure exactly what’s changed – other than the development of ultra-low rolling resistance tires.

Inside The Cabin

Inside the cabin, we’ll see two 4.2” display screens for the instrument panel and a 6.1” touchscreen infotainment system. Depending on which trim level you pick (there are six in total), equipment will include Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, keyless entry and ignition, full auto LED lighting, rear view camera, front and rear collision avoidance systems, lane assist, Heads Up Display, 360 degree airbags, satellite radio, touchscreen navigation, USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

We would say that there are better choices (currently) than the Prius, but as to what the new model will bring remains to be seen.


2017-05-25 by Luke Widmeyer