Future 2018 Ford Focus Will Get New RS and ST Versions

Ford promises to present a brand new hybrid which is known as 2018 Ford Focus. This automobile is supposed to compete on the market of compact cars however the size of the model will become bigger. New Ford Focus is going to present numerous improvements which are designed to surprise the drivers.

The main rival for the car is Mazda 3.

2018 Ford Focus Release Date

Unfortunately Ford hasn’t announced when the new model is going to hit the market. So we need to expect for more information.

2018 Ford Focus Redesign

Even though there’re not many facts known about how new 2018 Focus is going to look something is already known. The upcoming Ford Focus 2018 is promised to be a little bit wider, longer, with a stylish look and five door body. The body itself is made of lighter materials that means Ford Focus is on a diet and will lose a few pounds. The bumper has been modified and more attractive now. The stability of the car has also being improved owing to the process of automatic balancing. 2018 Focus is going to have updated wheel rims.

2018 Ford Focus Sedan

The sedan version of the next generation Ford Focus 2018 is likely to be revealed very first, especially in North American market, where sedans are the most popular body type. We could guess that 2018 Ford Focus changes the slope of the rear end, makes it looks more elegant than on current generation car.

2018 Ford Focus Hatchback

Unlike sedan, the hatchback version of the all new Ford Focus 2018 is more popular in Europe countries, so we don't expect it appearance in the fist wave of sales for North American market. The hatchback version will be only 5-door, providing excellent proportions.

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2018 Ford Focus Modifications

The Focus comes in a wide variety of modifications, which traditionally revealed right after the initial release of the car. They are mostly a sporty versions, RS and ST in different varieties. The Ford Focus 2018 model year won't be an exception. We expect appearance of charged ST version, and then extreme RS.

2018 Ford Focus RS

The 2018 Ford RS is an extreme high performance modification of Focus. It is basically a pretty much different vehicle in comparison with standard car. Ford Focus RS 2018, just like its predecessors, would have AWD system, powerful turbocharged engine and limited slip differential. The exact 2018 Focus RS specs will arrive later, along with the actual reveal of the car.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 is expected to be even more extreme modification, more a civilized rally car - lightweight, with roll cage and more powerful engine.

2018 Ford Focus ST

2018 Ford Focus ST is likely to be improved as well. The overall concept of the Ford Focus ST 2018 model year will remain the same - bring more powerful turbocharged unit, keep FWD layout and most of car's details in place. The result will be a classic hot hatch - affordable but quick.

2018 Focus Video

2018 Ford Focus Interior

The inside part of the model makes easy and light impression. The seats as well as upholstery are made of better materials. The dashboard look smart and intelligent operating by the means of a touch screen. The process of managing all the systems and features is much easier now. Safety features are also improved. Each seat is equipped with seat belts and air bags. The interior is going to be devolved even further but the information about upcoming modifications is still kept secret.

2018 Ford Focus Engine and Specifications

Each type of Ford Focus 2018 will run on unique type of engine. The base model is promised to come with 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine which produces around 130 horsepower. All variants of engines are supposed to be of turbocharged type. More precise information will come later when 2018 Ford Focus will be closer to the release date. The most interesting facts about hybrid model stay also in disguise.

2018 Ford Focus losing weight - it is expected to weight less than current generation in 100-150 lbs.

2018 Ford Focus Price

Official sources still don’t give any information on how much the model is going to cost. The price is going to be based on the model type which you’re going to choose. Some rumors believe that the pricing will start from $18,000

2018 Ford Focus Overview

According to what we know about the upcoming 2018 Ford Focus the model is going to be pretty nice. Compact but spacious with improved exterior this car will looks attractive on the road. How strong its performance is going to be is still under question but the prospects are quite promising.


2016-06-6 by Luke Widmeyer