New Lincoln Continental 2018 Impressive Concept Car Will Challenge Germans

2018 Lincoln Continental might bring Ford back to higher league.

When thinking of a super luxury automotive brand, it’s doubtful that Lincoln would be top of the list, perhaps it may not even make the list.

Yes, it’s Ford’s luxury end vehicle manufacturer, but can it really compete with the likes of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and even Cadillac?

Some believe they can, and now Lincoln are out to prove it with the new 2018 Continental. It will be some time before it’s launched, even longer until sensible reviews are in, but we’ve brought together some information that should give us an indication of just how it might compare to the other high end models, particularly, the Europeans.

Continental wants to compete with such executive grands like BMW 7-series or Audi A8.

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2. Interior and Other Features
3. 2018 Continental Specs
4. Coupe Rendering
5. Black Label

Again, Lincoln have said nothing, but rumors suggest that Lincoln are going all out and targeting the big money spenders, this could mean a starting 2018 Lincoln Continental MSRP around the $60,000 mark.

We have no official release date yet, but given that we know Lincoln are well in to the production process, we’d expect to see the new 2018 Lincoln Continental arrive in the showrooms sometime around mid-2017. There are also rumors about the 2018 Lincoln Continental convertible, but it is unlikely that Lincoln will produce it.

2018 Lincoln Continental Interior Changes and Other Features

We could expect the same amount of leather, wood and expensive materials for 2018 Continental, as in German trinity. However, it's unlikely that Lincoln will get excessive features like gesture control or advanced dashboard - it's not a big loss. Furthermore, first 2018 Lincoln Continental reviews shows the great attention to details.

Lincoln are going all out to make the Lincoln Continental concept 2018 a vehicle that you’d actually want to spend time in; comfort, tech and features are high on the priority list for the new car.

Of course, we’re going to see high grade leather in the trim, but smaller details like 30-way adjustable seating (including separate leg pillows!), heated, cooled and massage functions will be optional for both rows of seats, not just the fronts.

As for design, there was a Lincoln Continental vs Bentley scandal recently, when representatives of a British brand accused Ford for using stylistic features of Bentley cars.

2018 Lincoln Continental Specs

Under the hood, we think there is only going to be one choice for a motor, a 2.7 liter V6 twin turbo gas engine, but it should knock out a fairly healthy 400+ BHP. Rumors suggest that front wheel drive is standard, but we do know there will be an all-wheel drive option, and power will be sent to the wheels via a 6-speed auto transmission, although it’s been suggested that
2018 Lincoln Continental specs may consist of a 9 or even 10-speed auto later on in the production cycle.

2018 Lincoln Continental RWD won't happen; it will be FWD or AWD only.

From what we’ve been able to find out, we think that the overall style of the 2018 Lincoln Continental car will be upgraded, with the most obvious changes happening to the lights, grille and bumpers, after all, they are the ‘face’ of any vehicle so are most likely to get the biggest changes.

Expect to see more curves, perhaps a slightly lower roofline and a sleeker shape.

Coupe Rendering

There are certain rumors that Lincoln is planning to release special coupe version of Continental, just like Mark series of the past, to compete with BMW's 6-series and Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe. Here are renders to show:

The car is likely to keep all specifications as standard sedan, could have the same length of wheelbase, but overall a bit shorter. Could we expect 2018 Lincoln Continental convertible as well? It is very unlikely.

Black Label

It is a special edition of Continental named 2018 Lincoln Continental black label edition has themed design options called Chalet, Rhapsody and Thoroughbred. Every theme includes unique upholstery materials, interior features, and comes with special service and after-buy maintenance options. Black Label is also a premium club of Lincoln owners including various perks like every year car detailing and even restaraunt booking.

In other aspects, Black Label Continental is all-the-same as a standard car. However, the 2018 Lincoln Continental black label price is slightly higher.

2016-10-20 by Luke Widmeyer