2018 KIA GT might be a new sporty flagship of the brand

The 2018 Kia GT (codenamed CK inside the factory) looks to be something special; working on the spy shots that have been snapped at the Nurburgring and public highways in Orange County, California (where the GT has been spotted wrapped in heavy camouflage) and the prototype / concept car that was first shown all the way back in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Kia are aiming to take the fight directly to the competition; Audi A4, BMW 3-Series, Cadillac ATS, Infiniti Q50, Jaguar XE and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but it should undercut the prices by some margin.

2018 Kia GT Release date

Rumors say that the new 2018 Kia GT will make a debut at the Paris Motor Show in October of this of year, with sales happening early to mid 2017. Given that we’ve already seen the Kia GT 2018 out and about, we think that would fit.

2018 Kia GT Price

The market is very competitive, but Kia have always been able to undercut the prices of the European or even domestic vehicles, we think that the new GT will start in the region of $34,000 when it finally goes on sale.

2018 Kia GT Video

2018 Kia GT Redesign and Changes

Being a new model, it isn’t about redesign, but let’s gather a few of the rumors and see what we should be getting for our money.

2018 Kia GT Sedan

The car will likely released with the body style, similar to the current Optima - it will be sedan with sloping roof, which would look like a liftback. One way or another, 2018 GT might feel like Panamera for middle class, which is actually not bad. Renderings and spy shots show that the car has its own identity.

2018 Kia GT Stinger

Stinger is a concept vehicle, but you could simply compare it with the recent spy shots - the overall shape is similar, while the details on test prototype is disguesed, you could find that it has less futuristic look.

2018 Kia GT Specs

As Kia are selling it as a luxury sports sedan, the motor will be key to the success of the vehicle, we think that there will be at least two choices for motors, the most sporty one being a 3.3 liter turbo charged V6. This motor will make anywhere between 340 – 390 BHP and perhaps as much as 393 lb/ft of torque, and of course, being a V6, it will be smooth. The next choice (probably for the base model) will be a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo. No power figures have been released for this motor, but let’s face it, anything less than 200 BHP will be a big fat no.

The overall styling of the Kia GT 2018 has been described as ‘seductive’. From what we’ve seen of it, we think it looks great; all of the smaller details are there, including the large vent at the rear of the front fenders – they give it quite a sporty and aggressive look.

As for tech, it’s doubtful that Kia will want to release (what is potentially a market leader) this model without fitting it with some great tech, despite trying to come in cheaper than its rivals.
We can’t wait to see it.

2016-11-9 by Luke Widmeyer