The Flagship Jaguar XJ Get 575 HP Modification For 2018

Back in June, 2015 the executive flagship Jag, namely XJ, received a minor restyling, with slighly updated exterior and interior design, along with new powertrain options.

2018 Jaguar XJ has received just a few tweaks, but nevertheless, it is worth mentioning. After that, we will figure out why big Jag is a good choice, instead of 7-series or S-class.

The new extreme version called XJR575, to compete with Audi S8 and BMW M760i has debuted for 2018 model year.

Price and Availability


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The updated Jaguar XJ is going to be available for sale later this year, closer to November. The price range is not expected to change. The price for new version of XJR is not known yet, expected to be $120K+ or even more.

Standard XJ starting from $75,400 MSRP up to $96,300 for long wheelbase supercharged model.

Thunderstorm on wheels

The previous XJR debuted back in 2014 with a awesome 550 HP supercharged V8, also used in XF supercar. Pretty much, isn't it? However, Jaguar Land Rover bosses seems to decide it is not. Engineers of the brand forced the engine even more, makes it output 575 HP. The new extreme version has received a XJR575 name.


Such a huge load of horsepower makes a long, but relatively light executive sedan increadibly quick - manufacturer claimed just 4.2 seconds to sixty, and top speed of 186 MPH. It's not a Brabus S-class, but it is a spectacular figures for factory stock car.

Despite devil under the hood, XJR575 2018 has rear wheel drive! We simply cannot imagine how epic burnouts could be produced by those wide rear wheels with the help of V8. But the car won't kill you - thanks to stiffed suspension and electronic differential in rear axle to aid torque distribution.


How to distinguish sport sedan between the ordinary one? Exactly, put some larger rims, add redesigned bumpers, side skirts, diffusers and as much cabon fiber decor as you can.
2018 Jaguar XJR575 use the same recipe - gloss black accents in front bumper and gloss black grille, aero kit, 20-inch alloy wheels painted in gloss black with red brake calipers inside. They don't forget to put plenty of XJR badges just to remind what car is in front of you.

Inside, you could find some new upholstery details, like leather stitching in diamond form, headrests with '575' logo on it. The interior could be performed only in two colors - all black Jet or combination of dark Jet top and Ivory bottom.

2018 Update details

Beside extreme XJR, there not so much changes to name. 2018 model year update for XJ include reworked 10.1-inch infotainment system, with optional 4G Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 8 gadgets.
Safety features are also updated - automatic emergency braking, lane keep system, front collision warning, driving condition monitor - all these advanced features could be installed on new Jaguar XJ 2018.

Engine Range

The engine range for the rest of XJs is wide. 4 engines are available for worldwide model, including all-new highly efficient diesel engines. All engines mated with ZF-made 8-speed automatic. Initial versions comes with rear-wheel drive layout, while flagship ones (except XJR) goes only as all-wheel drive.

Here are engine options:

  • 2.0L 4 cylinder engine with turbocharging, direct fuel injection, producing 240 HP and 250 ft-lb starting from just 2000 rpm.
  • aluminum V6 3-liter engine with supercharger, producing 340 HP and 331 ft-lb of torque at 3500-5000 rpm.
  • 5.0 V8 with supercharger, producing 470 HP and 340 ft-lb starting at 2500 rpm.
  • Diesel 3-liter V6 with double turbocharging, producing just 300 HP but enormous 516 ft-lb of torque from 200 rpm.

The diesel engine and entry-level 2-liter gasoline model is unavailable in the US market.

2017-09-22 by Luke Widmeyer