2018 Elantra GT Sport Is Hyundai Attempt to Beat Golf

Korean manufacturers are not rich for high-performance cars. Fancy – no problem, remember strange 4-door Velocity hatchback.

Things are tend to change – Hyundai recently revealed 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport hatchback which has beautiful bodywork and simply doesn't stick to sedan's styling.

Reveal and Pricing

The car hasn't gone to showrooms yet, but expected just pretty soon - presumably in October. The Elantra GT is rather affordable, with the estimated price of initial version around $24,000. That is just in a couple of thousands dollars less than Elantra GT and much less than competitive hot hatches.

Could it Beat The GTI?

It could be hard to beat Golf GTI, at least you need a proper weapon in armory - like 201 HP turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 1.6L displacement. This engine is GT Sport exclusive. It also has 195 ft-lb of torque available just from 1500 rpm, means there is only little turbo lag while pushing pedal to the metal.

Hot Elantra is not a simple model with more powerful engine inside, it is tweaked in any other aspect. For instance,  the braking system is enhanced by a larger discs and more sophisticated mechanism. Rear suspension is redesigned to advanced multilink mechanism (in Elantra sedan it is torsion-beam).

Could it really beat the VW Golf GTI? Despite decent engine and good chassis, it is incomparable with hot hatch king in terms of power. See, GTI has 220 horsepower and much more torque – 258 ft-lb. That's because the engine itself is bigger – 2-liter unit instead of 1.6L in Elantra GT Sport 2018.


The main thing hot hatches are for is to provide a perfect performance in any conditions and catapult to sixty as fast as possible. This is for Elantra GT Sport – just 6.5 seconds from 0-60 and around 17 seconds to 100 MPH. That's impressive for the car costs under 25 grand.

For rapid acceleration helps dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox, or if you want full control, you may pick 6-speed manual, but the performance might be less outstanding. By the way, DCT is optional feature.

The top speed claimed around 130 MPH.

Interior features and Equipment

Inability to overtake Golf doesn't made it a bad car. First, it is far more affordable than main rival. Secondly, the interior and equipment level is just great. Leather seats has outstanding lumbar support, you could get dual-zone climate control, the luggage space is the best on class.

In terms of modern equipment, there are LED lighting, keyless entry with push-button start, blind spot monitoring system, and a proper 8-inch multimedia with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

If you want more, there is additional package called Sport Tech to add more cool things in 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport, like panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats,  and a wide set of safety and convenience features, like auto emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, etc. This package is available only with a 7DCT gearbox.


Undoubtedly, the Elantra GT Sport hatchback looks gorgeous, thanks to chief designer of Hyundai, Peter Schreyer. It has attractive body lines makes it one of the best-looking hot hatches on the market. Large rims of fancy design shows that it's not a simple hatchback here.

2017-09-30 by Luke Widmeyer