The 2018 Honda S2000 Is Here And It’s Back To Production

Honda have made some excellent cars over the years, who can forget the Ayrton Senna developed NSX or the Integra Type R, or any Type R for that matter. Sure, they’ve been going through a bit of a fallow period recently, certainly in the racing world, but we shouldn’t forget that at times through history, they have dominated the world of Formula 1, both as an engine supplier and manufacturer.

You may be considered foolish to place money on them winning a race with McLaren this year, but you’d be foolish to bet against them coming back and being a force to be reckoned with over the next few years.

The S2000 – A Little History

The Honda S2000 was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 1995 as a concept car, it took Honda a further 4 years to introduce it as a production model, and it coincided with Honda’s 50th anniversary – the Honda Motor Company was incorporated on September 24th 1948.

Small, two-seater sports cars were all the rage, but unfortunately, most of them were more show than go, but Honda changed all of that with high-revving powerful S2000. Hitting the VTEC band made the S2000 howl and we’re sure that many people will have been caught speeding thanks to that noise.

Unfortunately, a global economic crisis in the 00’s meant that Honda had to tighten their belt, and in 2009, Honda stopped production of the S2000 – it had sold just over two and half thousand in the U.S. in 2008.

Scroll forward to 2018, and Honda’s 70th anniversary, we are sure that Honda are bringing back this lively little roadster as part of their birthday celebrations. Woohoo – well done Honda.

A Power-Packed Punch

So what can we expect?

Let’s start with the noisy bits… rumors say that Honda will be giving the little S2000 a minimum of 320 BHP, thanks to a reworked Civic Type R 2.0 liter turbo. But… we’ve heard whispers that Honda themselves have said this isn’t going to happen – stating that the Civic R engine is ‘old news’.

We can kind of understand that – yes, without doubt, it’s a great little engine that packs quite a punch, but it has been around a while and Honda are developing something new with the S2000, we’d put our money on a brand-new line of engines, with a launch in the S2000.

What that engine specification may be though is anybody’s guess. We do think that it will have a relatively small capacity – no bigger than 2.0 liters, have forced induction and use a separate electric motor to boost the power output and acceleration.


As regards what’s underneath, it seems as though Honda will be building a platform specifically for the new model – it may go on to share the platform with another model at a later date, but certainly for this first year, it will be bespoke to the S2000.

The S2000 is going to fit between the S660 and the Acura NSX, it will compete (size-wise) with the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but if the power outputs are to be believed, it should be in a whole different category – this will be a proper sports car rather than a prettily styled two-seater.

It seems that there are plenty of people wanting to see the return of the S2000, and there’s many renderings of what people would like it to look like – Honda would do well to take notice of some of them – they look stunning, we really hope that Honda do something similar.

When Is It Happening?

We believe that Honda will launch the model to tie with their 70th anniversary, so in reality, this would mean a late 2018 release date. But, with such a widely anticipated car, Honda would be foolish to wait until the end of the year to start selling it.

We would guess that we’ll see a pre-launch version of it this year, at one of the larger motor shows, then perhaps a finalised production ready model early next year, with a full dealer roll-out around June of 2018, it will still be launched as a 2018 Model Year.

As regards the pricing model, we have seen some websites stating that it will be in the region of $30,000 and others saying $50.000+, but we do believe that we’ll see it somewhere between the two, our money would be around $43,000 IF what has been said is true – that it will be a minimum of 320 BHP with a brand-new and bespoke engine and platform.

The Fluffy Bit Inside The 2018 Honda S2000

What can we expect from the interior? Given that this will not only be the rebirth of a great model, but also the launch of the 70th celebrations, we think Honda will go all-in for making the interior something special – it isn’t going to be a standard, run-of-the-mill interior, at least for the launch model year.

Expect to see a full-leather trim, supportive yet comfortable seating, plenty of technology, both in terms of driver safety and entertainment – we think a large touchscreen system will be fitted, USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and the very latest in Honda infotainment systems.

2017-04-17 by Luke Widmeyer