2018 Honda Civic Si blends sport and comfort

It seems that America (and the rest of the world) loves the Honda Civic. It was first introduced all the way back in July 1972, and has gone on to sell over 16.5 million units worldwide, nearly 7.5 million in the U.S. alone and was the number one best-seller in the U.S. for 14 years. That’s quite some history.

This next generation 2018 Civic Si looks set to be just as popular, Honda are going all out to make it the car that everyone wants; new equipment, redesign and a complete re-engineer.

2018 Honda Civic Si Release date

Honda haven’t issued any official statements regarding the new 2018 Civic Si, but sources have the new model being released in the latter part of 2017.

2018 Honda Civic Si Price

Same as the release date, Honda are keeping the details of the new Civic prices to themselves, but expect to see the base model starting around the $27,000 mark. The exact pricing is still unknown, but we expect that there won't be much choice - one or two trim levels, first starting from $27,000-28,000, the next for $30,000-32,000.

2018 Honda Civic Si Type R

The recent 2018 Civic Si news shows that the appearance of this modification is under question, mainly because Si is already a sport version for North American market, while the Type-R is extreme version sold exclusively in some Asian countries and in Europe. So, the 2018 Civic Si Type R price is unknown.

2018 Honda Civic Si Specs

Honda have completely re-engineered the new Civic, they intend it to blend sporty nature with luxury and comfort. 2018 Civic Si specs are following:
The motor is expected to be a version of the current Civic Type R, but detuned and made more driveable; power output is thought to be between 220 – 230 BHP for this 2.0 liter turbocharged engine.

Coupled to that will be a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, and Honda haven’t mentioned whether there will be an auto option, we’d guess that there will be some sort of auto or semi-auto in the future line-up.

2018 Honda Civic Si video

2018 Honda Civic Si Redesign

The new Civic will be built upon a new platform, and will feature carbon fiber / composite materials, which should help lower and redistribute the weight, meaning that handling and ride quality will improve, and it will also help with gas mileage. Along with the new platform, the suspension has been upgraded, giving the Civic a sharper ride, without losing any comfort.

Externally, the new model looks sporty, perhaps aggressive, but retains a look of corporate Honda, we particularly like the large, center exhaust (first shown on the concept vehicle). Honda have restyled the bumpers, improved the aerodynamics including front and rear wings; styling wise, they’re aiming for a mixture of normal car and race-car.

Of course, there will be plenty of tech fitted, and it seems that Honda are taking lessons from other tech giants, including Apple and Samsung; the new touchscreen navigation system will respond to gestures such as double-tapping, pinching and swiping, just like a regular smartphone – why this sort of system hasn’t been taken up by other manufacturers yet is a puzzle, it’s definitely the way forward.

2018 Honda Civic Si sedan

The sporty Civic is expected to have sedan version as well, though it would be based on the same body as current Civic sedan. So, it might look much like a 5-door liftback. We think it is not a drawback at all - most of sporty and even premium cars looks like a 5-door coupe. The 2018 Civic Si sedan is expected to go on sale later than any other modifications.

2018 Honda Civic Si coupe

2018 Civic Si coupe is exactly what you see on photos in this article. Sleek design, small overhangs, fancy bumpers and exhaust pipe - the Honda stylists know their job well. Just like sedan, it looks like 3-door hatchback pretty much in certain angles, until you find out that there is no 3rd door, only a trunk lid.

2018 Honda Civic Si hatchback

Only recently Honda has announced the 3-door hatchback version of Civic. Will 2018 Civic Si hatchback be released in the nearest future? We have some doubts about it. Hatchbacks are not popular in the North American market, so even make them very quick - it's a niche product. So, you could expect hot hatch Civic in overseas markets, where Type-R modifications are very popular. Anyway, we will update this article if any 2018 Honda Civic Si news appear.

2016-09-27 by Luke Widmeyer