2018 Honda Civic Promises to Be Economical, Get Hatchback and Coupe Body

Honda Civic is a model with a destiny. It has brought a good deal of money as well as recognition to its carmaker but the best performance version has never reached the States, at least officially. The attention to the details has made this auto one of the worldwide favorites. The upcoming 2018 Honda Civic promises a lot of changes and a new style.

The main rival for Civic is Ford Focus and Mazda 3.

2018 Honda Civic Redesign and Changes

Honda Civic has a long history and 2018 design has been significantly modified. It is a four door model now of quite a cozy look. The auto still has its firm grill with a little bit more chrome on it. The wider wheel base means that the body of the car will be of bigger size as well. The bonnet along with the headlights are going to be slightly modified too. The spoiler is going to look lighter.

2018 Honda Civic Hatchback

We expect the appearance of the hatchback version of Civic, more likely a 5-door only option. The car will be very similar to current generation Civic, debuted this year, which receive a sedan body with a sloped roof, reminiscent of liftback. The hatch will get a shorter rear end, along with trunk lid with rear glass.

2018 Honda Civic Coupe

Despite the fact Honda showed coupe version of Civic (more preciesly a Type-R version) in acid green color, as a concept car, the actual appeareance of production version is questioned. Compact or mid-size coupes is a niche market, so it feels unlikely that Honda would decide to release a coupe.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid

The release of the hybrid version of Civic is also unlikely, despite the automotive trend of the recent years. The reason is simple - Honda bosses simply don't want to spend much money on hybrid technology for reducing fuel consumption. They have engineers, talented enough to make cars consume less fuel by more traditional motor engineering.

2018 Honda Civic Release Date

According to the latest news, Honda Civic hatchback release 2018 is not so far from the market. The release date is said be set on end of 2017.

Release date: the end of 2017

2018 Honda Civic Video

2018 Honda Civic Interior

Perhaps the only word to describe the inside part of the car is Beautiful. The new interior is going to include upholstery changed along with technologies of higher level. The auto is provided with a new display which gives access to the navigation and infotainment system. The new seats are quite comfortable. The new model is supposed to be very economical and the fuel consumption will be decreased.

Compare with Honda Civic Si 2017

2018 Honda Civic Engine and Specifications

To be honest there’re a lot of rumors around the upcoming model. The predictions on the engine use vary and some ideas are really crazy. Basing on what we know and judging from official claims 2018 Honda Civic is going to a four cylinder automobile. The turbocharged engine will include 2.0 liters that will provide a better performance. Consequently the car will be able to produce from 280 to 300 horsepower. The engine is going to be paired with continuous transmission which is variable.

2018 Honda Civic Price

The upcoming Civic is a good option to save the money on. The retail price of the model will start from $18,000

2018 Honda Civic Overview

Honda Civic has somehow found a good recipe for economical and well equipped car. Its design and performance are of a high level, the interior is comfortable and equipped with all the necessary features. 2018 Honda Civic can boast about the same approach. So if you expect a car which provides high performance at a reasonable price this model is right for you. It is going to be a good investment and a good friend as well.

2018 Honda Civic Pictures

2016-06-5 by Luke Widmeyer