2018 Honda Accord Sport Is Getting Sleeker

One of the best-selling models by Honda is preparing a new generation. 2018 Honda Accord follows the tendency of the brand which is to modify and improve each new model. So new auto has a lot to boast about. Let’s check it out.

The main rivals are Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Mazda 6.

2018 Honda Accord Release Date

When is the 2018 Honda Accord release date? You can expect another model by Honda in autumn, 2017.

2018 Accord Redesign

What will the 2018 Honda Accord look like? Upcoming model is going to look rather classical so you are going to see a typical four-door sedan, however coupe version is promised to arrive as well. 2018 Accord redesign is going to be based on a new platform which follows all the latest trends. As you can guess this model is going to weigh less due to the use of lighter materials. Even though the overall look of Honda Accord 2018 redesign will not change a lot, you can see a lot of details which are modified and improved.

This article uses the images of 2018 Honda Accord concept.

2018 Honda Accord Sedan

The sedan is the most popular body type in North American market and the only one option for the customers from this part of the globe. The previous generation of the car was the first Accord ever has the same body style throughout the world. Before it, there were at least two versions - EU-spec and US-spec cars. The 2018 Accord is likely to have only one global design as well.

2018 Honda Accord Wagon

We don't expect the availability of station wagon version of Accord. The reason is not only because previous gen of car doesn't have one; the main problem for such body type is that all potential buyers of utility vehicles are switching to all kinds of SUVs.

2018 Honda Accord Touring

Touring is the top-trim level designation for the current model year Accord. It is unlikely to be changed in 2018 Honda Accord touring V6. However, we could only guess what set of equipment will be installed in the top trim. The current Accord Touring has full LED headlights, heated rear seats, navigation, and a wide range of safety features.

2018 Honda Accord Changes

We could not expect changes in terms of market positioning. Just like before, the car will compete mainly with another Japanese brand mid-size sedans. Namely, Camry and Altima. Unlike rivals, Accord will get a coupe version and some special modifications.

2018 Honda Accord Sport

2018 Accord Sport is likely to get the same distinctive features as the current generation of the car. For instance, matte-painted rims, rear spoiler, larger wheels and some sporty strokes in the interior. The powertrain of Honda Accord Sport 2018 will be slightly tuned 3.5-liter V6.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid

There is some uncertainty for a hybrid version of Accord 2018 model year. The previous generation of hybrid Accord was discontinued in 2015, according to Honda's claim they could advance fuel economy through improving current engine technologies. So, of course, we could expect a new hybrid, but its appearance as 2018 model year car is under question.

2018 Honda Accord Type R

Type-R is a traditional designation for special 'sporty' versions of Honda cars. However, there was no Accord under this modification for quite a while. Even so, Type R was officially unavailable for the U.S. market. We could assume that Type R won't appear for 2018 Accord as well. Despite this, its appearance in other markets has certain possibility.

2018 Honda Accord Colors

The new 2018 Honda Accord colors palette will likely consist of the same colors as the current generation of the car, plus traditionally 2 or 3 unique colors, used in advertising.

The current generation of the car has the following colors:

  • Basque Red
  • Crystal Black
  • Kona Coffee
  • Lunar Silver
  • Modern Steel
  • White Orchid

2018 Honda Accord Video

2018 Accord Interior

When you talk about new Honda Accord 2018 interior, you talk about space and comfort. The fact is that this model has a wide cabin which provides enough room for five passengers and luggage as well. Inside part of upcoming auto is not going to shock you but it will definitely surprise you. 2018 Accord has a lot of safety and interesting features and systems. Thus you are going to enjoy a new interior which is good looking and full infotainment features. If you wonder which ones, you have to be patient since Honda still does not give reliable information about this aspect.

2018 Honda Accord Specs

To begin with, many sources promise that 2018 Honda Accord is going to arrive as a hybrid version. One of the engines which can be possibly used is an electric unit of a turbocharged type.

2018 Honda Accord Engine

Another type which is anticipated is the 2.4-liter engine which is paired with a six-speed transmission. There also 2018 Honda Accord rumors predicting that the car may run on the V6 unit with 278 horsepower of productivity and 3.5 liters of displacement. It is also said that all types of new Accord will be of FWD type.

2018 Honda Accord Price

A new generation of Accord offers quite a wide range of trims and options to choose from that is why price range is wide. To start with, the base model is going to cost you from $24,100 to $35,140. A hybrid version of this generation is said to be priced quite reasonably and will amount to $31,400. The last on is Plug-in type which is the most expensive in line and will reach somewhat around $40,300. Nonetheless, these are not the final variants of pricing. As many sources promise the carmaker will probably make the pricing lower which sounds rather promising to all the Honda Accord fans.

2018 Honda Accord Spy Shots and Pictures

2016-06-18 by Luke Widmeyer