Genesis G90 2018 Is Hyundai Attempt to Reach Higher Class

Genesis as a new premium sub-brand of Hyundai-Kia has appeared just a couple of years ago. The first car under this brand was actually a slightly redesigned and rebadged Hyundai Genesis. The first all-new all-Genesis car was debuted last year, which is the attempt to go in a higher league, to compete with executive cars like BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class, Audi A8. Yes, it is Genesis G90, the flagship sedan of a new brand. Could it possibly be compared with mighty rivals, and is there any new features for 2018 Genesis G90?

Changes for 2018 Genesis G90

In a nutshell, all changes for 2018 model year car is concentrated on making trim levels more clear and better equipped.
For instance, now all model comes with DVD player in the glovebox, Premium trim level with 3.3-liter engine has adaptive cornering lights as a standard.
For those who prefer the maximum level of comfort (top trim 5.0 Ultimate), there is no need to pay extra money for an advanced multimedia system for rear passengers.
In other words, you cannot name Genesis G90 2018 all-new, just a few tweaks.

Good Pricing

The pricing level, comparable to German rivals, is just unbelievably low. G90 starts from just a $68,350 MSRP for a highly-packed version, with the big 3.3L six-cylinder V-shaped engine (turbocharged) and rear-wheel drive as a standard. Top trimmed sedan with naturally-aspirated V8 and AWD will cost just $74,350 MSRP.
Yep, still costly, but it is comparable - for the price of top-trimmed 2018 G90, you might get just a good-equipped E-class, not even the standard S-class without options, which starts at $89,900. 7-series cost $83,100 - also missed. Moreover, for that price, you will get options like in $100K+ German car.

Why buy G90 instead of Any Other Executive Car

Among pricing, there is also a quite handy warranty terms - you get 5 year or 60,000 miles for all car and 10-year or 100,000 miles for engine specifically.
Also, every Genesis comes with Valet service, roadside assistance and other perks for 3 years or 36,000 miles just for free. Awesome.

2018 Genesis G90 Interior and Exterior

Speaking of the car design, it is a bit of too much Asian in front (like oversized Sonata), but in every other angle, it looks stunning, more like British cars of the past, with smooth lines and dignity in every stroke.

The interior not neither spectacular in terms of upholstery quality, like in Mercedes-Benz, nor hi-tech like in upcoming Audi A8. It is rather well-balanced, it looks as expensive as it should be, but trimming quality is still just a little bit worse than in Germans.

Old-fashioned Power

While European manufacturers go totally down-sized with their engines, 2018 Genesis G90 has rather old-school powertrains, not in terms of technologies used, but as a concept.

The basic engine is 3.3L turbocharged V6, producing 365 horsepower/376 ft-lb of torque, derivative to Santa Fe unit.

You could also get G90 with a naturally-aspirated 5-liter V8 engine, with the output of 420 HP and 383 feet-pound of torque.
No matter what engine to choose, both coupled with 8-speed automatic, available with RWD or AWD layout.

Both engines provide enough power for good acceleration, but if you need something like AMG or M-sport feeling - that's a very different league.


One more reason for 2018 Genesis G90 - it has almost everything you might wish for even in standard trim.
Actually, there are only two trim levels - Premium or Ultimate, first for 3.3T, second for 5.0 engine, means there are just two possible configurations without options.

Premium features all-power accessories, electronic parking brake, full LED headlights, 22-way powered driver seat, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, 12.3-inch advanced navigation system, color dashboard, power doors, 360-degree camera, automated emergency braking, 17-speaker multimedia system, power trunk lid, wireless smartphone charging

Ultimate adds powered front passenger seat (14-way) and 12-way powered seat for the left rear passenger, seats ventilation, memory function of rear seats, advanced infotainment for rear seats, 17-speaker Lexicon sound system with surround sound.

2017-10-4 by Luke Widmeyer