2018 Ford Fusion Coupe Rumors, Moderate Update For Sedan

The current generation of Ford Fusion hasn’t really done that well; it just can’t cut it with the quality of the European models from the likes of BMW and Audi.

However, Ford are planning on making the 2018 Fusion a much better option, thanks to improved handling, technology, equipment and restyle.
While there is quite a lot of information available, little has been released officially, so much of this article is based upon general consensus, what is known as fact, is that Ford will build the new

Fusion on a brand-new platform. This will make the wheelbase longer, but the overall length will actually be shorter than the current model.

The main rivals for Fusion are Toyota Camry, KIA Optima.

2018 Ford Fusion Release date

Ford haven’t officially said when to expect the new Fusion, but we think it should arrive very late in 2017, perhaps even early 2018.

2018 Ford Fusion release date: late 2017

2018 Ford Fusion Price

Prices aren’t expected to change much from the current version, this should mean that the base model starts at around $25,000, a slight increase over current prices.

The full Ford Fusion 2018 price range will be the following (all prices are estimated):
Fusion S $23,000;
Fusion SE $24,000;
Fusion Titanium $31,000;
Fusion Sport $34,000;
Fusion Platinum $37,000;
Fusion Energi starting at $32,000.

Ford Fusion 2018 Modifications

Fusion is the main Ford's mid-size car, worldwide model. Car producer puts very high stakes on this model, so there are plenty of modifications - Plug-in hybrid, more luxurious sedan, sports sedan, etc. The model gamma actually lacks of coupe/convertible model and something more practical - station wagon or SUV. However, EU-spec Fusion, called Mondeo has wagon version.

2018 Ford Fusion Sport

The 2018 Fusion Sport is not just an ordinary sedan with a big powerful engine inside. It is a highly reworked car. It features all-new stiffer suspension, and AWD system is obligatory. The car stays front-wheel drive, but up to 50% of torque could be transferred to the rear wheels. The powertrain is all-new twin turbocharged V6 of 2.7L, producing 325 HP and 380 ft lb of torque. That's beyond the traditional for boring mid-size family sedans.

2018 Ford Fusion Energi

2018 Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (to be short, PHEV), features the combination of gasoline engine with electric motor. It is powerful: 118 HP electric motor works in tandem with 141 HP 2-liter engine. The total output of the 2018 Ford Fusion hybrid powertrain is 188 HP. But don't expect the Tesla level of EV range - because of small 7.6 KWh battery, the Ford Fusion 2018 Hybrid has only 22 miles on pure electricity.

2018 Ford Fusion RS

There are som 2018 ford fusion spy shots where you could see a disguised prototype of extreme version of Fusion. However, it is almost certain a European Mondeo, which get RS or ST designation. The car is expected to be the full analog of Fusion 2018 Sport. Presumably, we may see 2018 Ford Fusion concept RS in the nearest auto shows.

2018 Ford Fusion Redesign and Changes

Rumors suggest that the 2018 Fusion could be Ford’s first all-aluminum bodied sedan, perhaps if not all aluminum, it may use composite material within the body somewhere. The roofline will be lowered, along with a different floor-pan, which will lower the seating (and therefore the center of gravity as well).

The current Fusion has been found to be a little lacking when it comes to the interior, Ford want to compete head-to-head with vehicles like the 3 Series from BMW and the Audi A4, so they will be upping their game when it comes to fit and finish.

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2018 Ford Fusion Coupe

2018 Fusion coupe is a long-waited option for many. This niche is very narrow, and there is almost no options except the Accord from Honda. However, Ford is not planning to add coupe to the model line up, at least for 2018 model year.

2018 Ford Fusion Interior Photos

2018 Ford Fusion Specs

There has been no mention of a hybrid system, but could a large manufacturer such as Ford really expect to capture the sedan market without one? We do know that engine-wise, we’ll see a return to the 1.5 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder gas engine, quite possibly a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, in two different power specifications; 210 BHP and 245 BHP and it is expected that the sporty version will have the 2.7 liter V6 turbo, producing 325 BHP and an enormous 350 lb/ft of torque.

There will be the 6-speed manual transmission on the base model, but options for a lightning fast 9-speed auto, which on the flagship model will drive all four-wheels, and while the other models will be front wheel drive, they will have the option of having the all-wheel drive system fitted as an extra for Ford Fusion 2018.

2018 Fusion Configurations

We don't expect that there will be any 2018 Ford Fusion changes in terms of configuration. There are 5 trim levels, every brings something special to the car. While the most popular ones, SE and Titanium, along with standard S, packed with traditional equipment for such type of cars, Sport and Platinum is specially dedicated to a sport sedan and premium sedan markets.

2018 Ford Fusion SE

Fusion 2018 SE has got premium looking 17-inch alloy wheels, rear view camera, satellite radio comparability, powered driver seat with lumbar support, special keyless entry keypad, traditional for US-made vehicles. In terms of safety, the car has got traction control in addition to a variety of systems already available in standard trim.

2018 Ford Fusion Titanium

2018 Ford Fusion interior in this trim level has advanced SYNC 3 multimedia with 8-inch touchscreen; 12-speaker audio system; heated front seats; dual-zone climate control. So, it has almost everything you could expect from the family sedan of this class.

2018 Ford Fusion video

2018 Ford Fusion pictures

2016-09-8 by Luke Widmeyer