Challenger SRT Hellcat Get Widebody Modification For 2018

Challenger is our favorable muscle car on the market - a real masterpiece from FCA which brings enormous power for a bargain price - just like an old-school muscles from the 1970s.
2018 model year doesn't bring something radically new to Challenger lineup, but there are notable changes in terms of modifications.

Like a Demon

First of all we should note the most powerful modification of Challenger for all times. It is Challenger SRT Demon, which has mind-blowing 840 horsepower out of 7-liter V8. It goes 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds, with quarter mile result of 9.65 sec. You might already guess that this car is designed specifically for drag racing. Interestingly, you cannot even go on public roads in such monster. You could make it street legal by installing all necessities for the extra price but forget about record-breaking superbike-like acceleration.
Only 3300 pieces of Challenger Demon would be released, so it's quite an exclusive as well.

Extremely Wide

There is one more novice for 2018 model year in Challenger lineup - you could order 707-HP Hellcat with extreme wide bodywork of Demon. This modification simply called SRT Hellcat Widebody. We wonder why - thanks to fender flares, it gains in width by 3.5 inches, able to fit 305/55 tires for all four wheels. Those remind extra-wide tires in rear axle of the 1990s Lamborghini.

Need to say, wider tires have been implemented not only for cool appearance but to improve relatively poor handling in standard Hellcat. Just like any other muscle car (except Camaro) it goes perfectly in high-speed corners and long straight lines, but awful in sharp corners due to oversteering.

Thanks to better grip, the performance was also improved: just 3.4 sec to sixty, 1/4 mile in 10.9 seconds. Widebody Hellcat also get new power steering system - full electric, means that now you could choose presets: Track, Sport or Street. Later new steering is likely to appear on less powerful modifications.

2018 Dodge Challenger Engine Range

Standard Challenger features good-old Pentastar with 3.6L displacement, V6 layout and 305 horsepower on board. It has relatively good fuel consumption rating, from 19 in city up to 30 MPG in highway, mainly because of advanced 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Second choice is for those who needs a real V8 power - 375-HP 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. It is available for R/T modification.

Next step is a 6.4L HEMI 392 engine, producing 485 horsepower.

Top-range (among Hellcat Demon) is unique 6.2L V8 engine with supercharger, producing 707 HP and 650 ft-lb of torque.

2018 Dodge Challenger Interior and Trim Levels with pricing

Interior remains totally unchanged, compared to the previous model year cars. But as for trim levels, now it is 14 available models to choose - it's even hard to choose.

- SXT is standard trim with V6 engine, features dual-zone climate control, advanced 5-inch Uconnect multimedia. The styling is a bit retro-like with unique grille design, hood with ventilation inserts. The price is $26,995.

- SXT Plus adds fancy-looking 20-inch rims, leather seats with heating and ventilation, rear parking assistant, bigger screen for multimedia system. All this for extra $3,000.

- R/T is the standard high-performance model with HEMI V8 and 6-speed manual transmission (8-speed automatic is also available). Compared to SXT, it also get fog lights, rear spoiler and dual exhaust pipes. It costs $32,995.

- GT is a unique AWD muscle car from Dodge. Sadly, available only with standard V6 engine. The features are similar to R/T. Starting price is $33,395.

- R/T Plus adds the same equipment as SXT Plus for the same $3,000.

- R/T Shaker might be called a design package: Shaker hood, cold air intake, different design of 20-inch rims, gloss-black grille and different upholstery in the interior. Starting from $36,995.

- T/A is named after iconic modificaton of 1970 model. It is also a design package, only interesting feature is active exhaust available without surcharge. Iconic muscle car tribute costs $37,395.

- R/T Scat Pack has a bit different styling and 6.4L V8 engine. Starting at $38,995.

- For $39,995 you may get R/T Plus Shaker means the same features as in R/T Plus along with Shaker hood and air intake.

- 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker is a serious muscle - 485 HP V8, special body kits, retuned suspension and wider tires. Inside the seats are trimmed by Nappa leather. Starting from $43,795.

- T/A 392 is the same tribute-car, but with more powerful engine, high-performance Brembo braking system, and lightweight rims of unique design. Starting at $44,995.

- SRT 392 has unique styling of the interior with Nappa leather, wide slingshot 20-inch tires, premium 19-speaker sound system from Harman Kardon and electronic system of driving configuration. All this costs $50,195 without options.

- SRT Hellcat features the same things as SRT, plus adaptive suspension, air intake in headlights, could be mated with 8-speed automatic, and of course, the highest-performance V8 enigne. This configuration costs quite a lot - $64,195 MSRP without options.

2017-10-3 by Luke Widmeyer