New 2018 BMW Z5 Is Developing With Toyota

In January 2013, BMW and Toyota announced that they would be forming a working relationship to develop new vehicles together. The 2018 BMW Z5 seems to be the first product of that connection, although BMW haven’t yet released any details of the upcoming vehicle.

However, we have seen a fully camouflaged vehicle out testing on public roads, and it’s believed to be the new 2018 Z5. Only time will tell if we’re correct, but given the timings for a production cycle, this would fit nicely.

2018 BMW Z5 Release date

As we’ve already stated, BMW haven’t officially announced anything, but understanding their production schedules gives us a clue when to expect the new 2018 BMW Z5; at the very earliest, it will be in the dealerships from very late 2017, perhaps maybe just squeezing in to early 2018.

2018 BMW Z5 Price

It certainly won’t be cheaper than the current BMW Z4, we think it will be a couple of thousand extra, so the starting price should be in the region of $53,000.

2018 BMW Z5 Redesign and changes

We think that the new BMW Z5 2018 has a look of the Toyota Supra about it, although that could just be our imagination playing tricks on us (knowing that Toyota have had a hand in it). Either way, it certainly has a long hood, sleek styling and an aggressive stance.

2018 BMW Z5M

If there is a BMW, there should be its M-sport modification. The 2018 Z5 is likely to have one - but not in the day of release, maybe a year later. It should traditionally have more powerful engine, bodykit, more advanced aerodynamics and brakes.

2018 BMW Z5 Video

2018 BMW Z5 Specs

We aren’t exactly sure what powertrain choices there will be, but it’s rumored that there will be a minimum of two motors: The base model  of BMW Z5 2018 will be fitted with a smaller (possibly 2.0 liter) 4-cylinder motor, while the higher spec versions will have an inline six, 3.0 liter. We think that turbos will be fitted to both engine specs and there will be rear wheel drive as standard (BMW’s trademark) and an all-wheel drive version.

Although Toyota are keen on the hybrid route, and have introduced a hybrid on the same platform, we think that 2018 Z5 BMW will take the choice to not have a hybrid, mainly to set it apart from the Toyota.

2018 BMW Z5 Exterior

Outside the car, it looks as though BMW have taken the choice to ditch the retractable metal roof and simply things with a removeable soft top, although of course that could change from the pre-production prototypes we’ve seen out testing on the public highways.

Expect the usual mixture of technology and solid construction from BMW, this new model will be built at the Magna-Steyr facility in Austria, quality is almost guaranteed.

2016-11-19 by Luke Widmeyer