New 2018 BMW i3 Will Get Sporty Modification

The i3 from BMW is rather strange and controversial vehicle, and too much experimental, even for this German manufacturer. UFO-looking i3 is a very niche car, and expensive as well, but BMW preserve in their attempts to modify it year after year. The 2018 BMW i3 is nearly the same outside, but inside there are plenty of changes.


We expected that rumors would be confirmed, and the next-generation i3 will be 3-series based all-new car, to compete with Tesla's Model 3. Instead, the car producer has released a high-performance modification of the same hatchback.

Release date and Pricing

The release of new updated model range of BMW i3 is expected in the latter part of 2017. The pricing is expected to stay around $45,000. The model with range extender engine for around $50,000. You could still get tax credits in various states, making the car cheaper.

2018 BMW i3 S

Just like i8 S in the nearest past, the i3 S is made using the same recipe - more powerful engine, bigger rims - means better acceleration, more top speed, etc.

It has 20-inch rims instead of 19", and Sport mode in Driving Dynamics Control making acceleration sharper.

Tech Specs

Starting with the most important feature of any electric car – battery – the 2018 BMW i3 has received enlarged battery pack of 33.2 kWh which previously could be installed only with extra fee. The previous car could have 21.6 kWh batteries in standard. Therefore, the range increased from 81 to 114 miles.

S version of i3 has more powerful electric motor. But we could name it just a minor tweak - BMW i3 S will get 184 HP/199 ft-lb instead of previous 170 HP/184 ft-lb.

Larger battery and more powerful motor makes the car faster: BMW claim mere 7 seconds to 60 MPH. The top speed is also increased to 100 MPH instead of 93 MPH.

Optional tiny 647 cubic centimetres 2-cylinder engine with 2.4 gal tank remains literally unchanged, adding extra mileage (180 miles total claimed).

Cosmetic Tweaks

The design changes of 2018 BMW i3 is mostly cosmetic. That's mainly because the i3 still looks like alien from the other dimension. A-pillar was slightly redesigned, makes a sleek move to roofline. Headlights are all-LED in standard, there are redesign front and rear bumpers, as well as sideskirts. BMW get rid of clumsy-looking foglights in favor of nice-looking LED strips. However, the car still looks better on photo than in real life.

2018 BMW i3 color palette extended by two new colors: Melbourne Red and Imperial Blue.

Interior Changes

In terms of design, the interior hasn't changed much, but there are plenty of little details which was improved or redesigned.

Starting with all-new iDrive infotainment system with voice control, larger screen and Apple CarPlay connectivity (strangely, no Android Auto support), advanced navigation system which use machine learning to build a route, including charging stations, etc.

The interior of i3 is made of recycled materials, so in terms of materials, it is not much like the other model of brand. 2018 model year i3 feature new color scheme of the interior – combination of brown color genuine leather and grey cloth.

Sadly, the charged BMW i3 S version doesn't have any sporty notes on the interior, neither badges nor sporty-looking steering wheel.

Charging options

The BMW decided to provide a variety of charging options for the customers of i3 model. You could buy special cord with ability to charge from 240V 20A outlet, or BMW i Charging station providing electricity enough to charge i3 for 90 miles range.

2017-10-2 by Luke Widmeyer