Upcoming 2018 Audi Q8 Will Not Be Bigger

Audi is expanding their SUV model lineup. It should compete with other German brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, fight for a customer, so they bring more compact models when BMW introduced X3 and X5, and now they prepare 2018 Audi Q8.

You might think that it means the new model will be bigger than current Q7? Seems legit, but nope. The new Q8 will compete with sporty-looking SUV, or so-called coupe-SUV, like Mercedes GLE Coupe and BMW X6. Why Q8 then, not Q4 or Q6? Well, to connect it with luxurious A8 and... maybe because eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

When to expect and for what price

Actually, some claimed that Q8 will be released not early than in 2019, with the reveal on late 2018. Or it might be presented in the middle of 2018 and then released by the end of the year.

Nevertheless, the car will be quite expensive, we expect around $75,000 for the base trim level car, which could be expensive than basic X6, for instance.

2018 Audi Q8 Specs

All experts agree that Q8 will share a platform with Q7 model, as well as most of the engine range. It is likely to be relatively the same in size, compared with the three-row model.

We expect only the best engines available for VAG cars: all-new V6 and V8 units, including powerful and efficient diesel engines. All those would be mated with 8-speed automatic and quattro AWD only.

SQ8 is also possible, likely to share the same complicated powertrain, used in SQ7 - V8 turbocharged diesel with the electric supercharger. As for hybrid modification, we could expect unique diesel-powered mild hybrid, able to goes on EV mode 30 miles or so.

Some expect Q8 RS with 500+ horsepower rating and twin-turbo V8, but we believe it is unlikely to be released soon, maybe closer to 2020.

Design Features of Audi Q8 2018

Audi has released 2 concept cars of Q8 in previous years - Q8 sport concept and Q8 Concept. Both cars are similar in styling, and the newer one – Q8 sport concept, is more precise, looking almost like a production version of the car.

We assume, that the real 2018 Q8 might look something in between those two, but closer to the Q8 concept. It features the new Audi corporate style - grille become even larger, dramatically wide, making the whole with headlights. Looks interesting, and recent spy shots show that production car has the same lines.

Coupe-SUV has less practicality compared to normal SUV. But due to large size, Q8 tends to avoid this problem. Looking at concept car, the interior is spacious and has lots of headroom and legroom space. It is also very similar to new-generation Audi A8, which is nice. So, the equipment level could be the nearly the same, especially in top-trim levels, to compete with Cayenne and even Bentley Bentayga.

2017-10-5 by Luke Widmeyer