2018 Audi Q7 vs 2018 BMW X5 - Battle Continues

Another battle which you are going to see today is between new 2018 Audi Q7 and BMW X5. We’ve tried to collect the most reliable information for you to see which vehicle is better and what you should buy.

Exterior differences

Brand new Q7 is keener now. At least, its body and lines. Now you can see a lot of squared-away surface zones. The headlamps are going to be modified a bit, the grill is getting more massive while bumper stays closer to 2015 generation. The way how the grille is connected to the headlights makes this model unmistakably looking. The back part offers a unique bumper and new taillights of smaller size. The whole vehicle looks crisper now.

New BMW X5 hasn’t revealed much about its styling yet. However, according to the latest information the whole contour of the vehicle is much the same as the current generation has. The model has become a bit larger though. The front fascia has been modified. Its grille is getting more elegant while the headlights are narrower now. The hood will be reshaped as well.

Interior - which one is better?

Even though 2019 Q7 looks smaller it has a plenty of space inside. You can enjoy a new aeration and a cooling system program with fewer switches than before. In addition there’s a new MMI program. What is more, there’re two seating screens. Don’t forget that in this vehicle you will see tablet PC by NVIDIA Tegra 4 CPUs.

In differ from Audi BMW isn’t going to reveal a lot. We expect it to be more spacious and tech advanced. The comfort aspect will be improved owing to top-notch upholstery and better-shaped seats. The dash design is said to become more futuristic. The infotainment system will much resemble the one used by new 7-Series. There will smartphone compatibility and strong sound systems with better navigation.

Engine offers

New Q7 offers to choose between three engines. The first one is gas-powered 2.0-litre unit of V6 type. This one provides around 252 horsepower along with 272 lb-ft of torque. Another gas-powered V6 engine has 3.0 litres of displacement. This engine is predicted to output 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle is said to make it 0-60 in 6.1 seconds with the top speed of 155 MPH.

As for BMW X5 it will be based on turbocharged engines of six and eight cylinders. At this moment it’s too early to make any predictions about these engines. However, it safe to say that they will provide better efficiency, lower emissions and higher performance. It is also said that a plug-in hybrid may come.

2017-03-1 by Luke Widmeyer