New Audi A5 Convertible For 2018

The release of all-new S5 and A5 coupes this year means that we could also expect the same cars with foldable roof. And this day has come – Audi revealed the 2018 Audi A5 Convertible at the LA Auto Show. Like it should, you cannot see any difference between the coupe and convertible looking in most angles. The obvious difference is the removable soft top.

Best Convenience for Convertible

German engineers won’t be themselves if they doesn’t try to make everything more practical and convenient. The same story goes for the main feature of convertible car - foldable roof, which now get redesign window for better visibility, one-touch operation for open/close procedure which could be performed even at 30 miles per hour.

One more thing – engineers try to even not eliminate but smooth the problem with luggage compartment. As you may know, foldable roof heavily decrease the space in the trunk. Thanks to new feature, rear compartment in new 2018 A5 Cabriolet could move forward, increasing luggage space, when the roof is up.

One more downside of convertible was also improved – the noise level with the roof on, better heat insulation for cold weather. It also has better sound insulation without roof.

Not Much Choice for Audi A5 Cabrio Specs

Unlike EU-spec versions which could come with diesel engine options and different gasiline units, the US-spec 2018 Audi A5 convertible has the one and only option - 2-liter turbocharged unit, producing 252 HP and 273 ft-lb. The transmission option is all the same as in coupe - 7-speed dual clutch unit transfers torque to Quattro AWD system.

Due to the weight increase (360 pounds more than coupe) the car is not as quick, making the 0-60 acceleration by 0.6 seconds more. Despite all this, the chassis cope perfect with extra weight, so the handling is still well-balanced. It is not clunky in bumpy road, so A5 convertible for 2018 model year is able to serve as weekend car for relaxed driving.

2018 Audi A5 Convertible Interior

Unlike most rivals like Porsche 718, the car could comfortably transfer four passengers. The interior is just a bit sporty but all-way premium. The assembly quality is stunning, there are plenty of options to choose, both for upholstery and equipment.

Audi Virtual Cockpit is still one of the best dashboards invented. And again, German engineers bring some convenience for the sake of passengers - they moved Bluetooth handsfree microphones from the top part closer to the seats, to make all conversations sound clear, even with the roof off.

Price and Equipment

The trim levels for the convertible model is just the same as for coupe. You could pack Audi with lots of hi-tech features, such as adaptive cruise control, magnetic dampers, lane departure warning, 4G LTE on board, autonomous braking and many more.

Considering the price increase by almost $7000 compared to coupe, the top trim level of A5 could get pretty close to C-class AMG, M4 and the same Audi with more powerful engine – the S5.

2017-10-19 by Luke Widmeyer