Acura ILX 2018 Faith Is Unclear

Acura ILX 2018 is a very controversial car. On the one hand, it is a good-looking sports sedan from Honda, full of advanced technical features and equipment; on the other hand, it's not popular at all, and its fate for 2018 model year is unclear.

2018 Acura ILX Release date and Price


1. 2018 Acura ILX Release Date and Price
2. Possible Design Changes
3. 2018 Acura ILX specs
4. Appearance of all new model
5. The faith is unclear

Now only 2017 model year cars are available, so we expect one of two options in a next year (or later this year) - either Acura released an updated car or whole new model. There is also a possibility that ILX will be discontinued.

We expect that 2018 will be the last year of the Acura ILX. The reveal is likely to be in the beginning of 2018, in Detroit Auto Show. The price range is rather to slightly increase to $28,000. Now the basic trim of current model year costs $27,990 MSRP.

Possible Design Changes

Without any doubt, the car looks outdated. Facelift in 2016 makes it looks brighter, due to the presence of 'jewel eye' headlamps and Acura-specific design of the front end. A-spec line adds more sporty look to the image. Nevertheless, now compared with upcoming RLX and TLX which is on sale now, we could expect one more facelift to the car.

The reason for this is the new styling of all Acura cars, features distinctive front end with the gem-shaped grille. It first debuted in MDX crossover SUV, and now spreads towards almost all models of the brand, like a virus. We like it, but there are doubts it could make ILX more popular. The car has some design disproportion if you see it in profile; the rear end looks a lot like Toyota Corolla.

The interior is unlikely subject to any change; we could expect only a minor tweaks to infotainment, like Apple Car Play support function.

ILX interior is one of the reasons why the car is not so popular. It is simply overdesigned, with two-tier multimedia system, myriads of buttons, strange shapes and air vents - it doesn't look premium, even with high-quality materials. People prefer to higher trimmed Civic, rather than the Acura-badged car.

2018 Acura ILX Specs

Speaking technically, the ILX is a good-old Honda - reliable, hi-tech, and powerful enough for active driving. It is based on 9th generation Civic platform. Previously, ILX could have a simple 1.5-liter engine on board, since 2016 there is one and the only option, borrowed from Civic Si - 2.4L naturally aspirated engine with direct injection, producing 201 HP. The engine is mated with 8-speed dual clutch transmission and available with front-wheel drive only.

In this part, we are not expecting any changes for 2018 model year, the powertrain likely remains the same, as well as driving layout.

With such a powerful engine, the car is lack of proper AWD system, used in other models of the brand. It has a good performance level, but tend to understeer in corners, like any other 200 HP+ FWD car. The introduction of all-wheel drive could fix this problem.

Appearance of all-new model

Since the ILX is simply a premium version of Civic, with the introduction of the 10th generation back in 2015, with more new versions to come, all-new ILX is also possible.
We cannot predict anything about the exterior design of the new car, aside from the abundance of jewel-themed elements and recent Acura styling. The interior is likely to be completely new as well, using the same styling as in Civic.

The powertrains could consist of 1.5 turbocharged unit, used in CR-V (190 HP), the 2-liter turbocharged unit is also possible, like one debuted in recent Civic Type-R, but retuned for better torque on low revs.

The Faith is unclear

It is all speculation now, the faith of the most compact Acura car is under question, sales figures in 2016 does not exceed 15,000 copies, which is a rather poor result (Lexus sold over 37K of its IS models in the USA in the same period of time), so we could predict that Acura bosses would decide to get rid of ILX completely.

2017-09-26 by Luke Widmeyer