2017 Toyota Tacoma: Best Off-Road Experience

Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado and other trucks are preparing themselves to face a new serious competitor. The name of the new rival on pickup market is 2017 Toyota Tacoma. The car has gone through certain changes and is ready to boast about them.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

The car will be released in the last months of 2016.

Release date: the last months of 2016

2017 Toyota Tacoma Price

The price range is rather reasonable for the car of such opportunities and such level of comfort. The base model will cost you around $18,500. While models of higher class will cost from $30,500. As for the diesel ones, the price is going to be considerably higher.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

The overall look of the model will mainly be based on the previous generation with a few changes. Some details are said to be inherited from Toyota 4Runner though. The grill will change its appearance getting closer to trapezia shape. Headlights are going to be of the LED type. The car is going to get a new colour which will make it more attractive and stylish.

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2017 Toyota Tacoma Video

2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine

Upcoming model is going to come with a few engine types. Unlike Tundra, tThe first one is a four cylinder unit with 2.7 liter and 159 horsepower. Another variant of engine is optional and can be obtained for extra money. It is V6 engine which provides you with 3.5 lite of displacement and 280 horsepower of productivity.

What is more, the model is said to run on diesel Cummins with 5.0 liter displacement providing you with higher speed. The carmaker expects to offer you a better fuel economy. The transmission is going to be of six speeds. The model is made to give comfortable off road experience.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Interior

Speaking about interior you cannot but mention its metallic and hi-tech style which makes the car rather brutal. The interior is ventilated and offers you the popular GoPro camera which is installed in the dashboard . The models of the higher class include infotainment system with numerous opportunities as well as the upholstery of leather.

The model offers you a simple but reliable navigation system which will decrease the risk of being lost in the middle of nowhere. The cabin of the car is spacious enough providing space not only for your legs but the cargo as well. 2017 Tacoma also takes care of your health offering you numerous safety features. Some of them give you assistance during traction, some help to monitor blind spots, some prevent collisions.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Pictures

2016-06-13 by Luke Widmeyer