2017 Toyota Sienna: Your Family Best Friend

Toyota Sienna which competes with Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Town and Country returns. New generation of Sienna offers modified appearance as well as interior. More comfortable and simple to drive auto has increased its performance as well as productivity.

2017 Toyota Sienna Release Date

According to some of the rumors Sienna 2017 will be released in the of 2016 while others predict it to be released in November 2017.

Release date: 2016 or November 2017

2017 Toyota Sienna Price

There’re still many predictions on how much 2017 Toyota Sienna will cost. Some critics estimate it to be around $31,000 while others assume that the price will start at $27,000.

2017 Toyota Sienna Overview

2017 Toyota Sienna makes the impression of a good family friend. The interior of the model is spacious, full of entertainment features and provides the seat for a child right in the middle. In the same time the car has high performance and productivity along with numerous safety features. What’s more the car itself is rather economical having lower fuel consumption and price which won’t be too much for your budget. If you want to take care of your family vacation, this car is exactly what you need.

2017 Toyota Sienna Video Review

2017 Toyota Sienna Redesign

The new version of the auto is going to get more stylish and extraordinary look having saved the previous model basis. The car uses new LED headlights the shape of which has been slightly modified. The taillights are changed and have more aggressive shape now. The grill is updated to and is offered in different version depending on configuration. However, the bumper still stays big and brutal but the car itself still stays quite compact and simple. The word which describes the new design best is efficiency.

2017 Toyota Sienna Engine and Specifications

The new auto by Toyota is going to run on V6 type of engine which produces 266 horsepower with the displacement of 3.5 liters. The engine is combined with six speed automatic transmission which powers front driving wheels. The car is assumed to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 8.4 seconds. The fuel consumption is rather low and breaks are made very responsive.

2017 Toyota Sienna Interior

Not only has the exterior been changed but interior too. The model is spacious and quite luxurious. The new version combines good look with ergonomic design. New seats are electric now and infotainment part has been upgraded with more opportunities and touchscreen display. The car has leather materials with plastic insertions. The car includes three rows of seats with ceiling displays to keep them entertained.

2017 Toyota Sienna Pictures

2016-06-9 by Luke Widmeyer