2017 Toyota 86 Is Getting Meaner

One of the most competitive rivals of Subaru BRZ is back with a set of new features. 2017 Toyota 86 has changed its style a bit. Now it looks meaner and way more aggressive, not to mention its engine which has a few surprises for you.

2017 Toyota 86 Release Date

You can expect this model to arrive at the end of summer 2016.

2017 Toyota 86 Price

The price of 2017 Toyota 86 mainly depends on transmission type. If it will be manual then you can expect something around $27,000 while you will have to pay another $1000 for an automatic one. We will give you more details about this aspect as soon as they are known for certain.

2017 Toyota 86 Redesign

Not does new Toyota 86 looks mean it also has a made a step towards better aerodynamics. Its body is all low to the ground so you can hope to get improved COG. For a typical driver, it means better handling. The majority of new features can be found on the front and rear sides of the car. Thus, the new bumper is really aggressive and powerful. There are big air vents found at the lower part. Foglights, as well as headlight and taillights, are upgraded with LED type of lightning. Bumper at the rear part has changed too. New diffuser looks much more stylish. It has become a bit wider. Exhaust pipes of dual type are of a bigger size as well.

2017 Toyota 86 Video

2017 Toyota 86 Engine and Specifications

It is said that this model will be delivered with turbo engine of 2.0 litre and four cylinders. Its productivity is 197 horsepower along with 151 lb-ft. This engine is going to be paired with six speed transmission of manual or automatic kind.

2017 Toyota 86 Interior

Interior part of this auto has much resemblance with FR-S. There are not many details revealed about this aspect yet. Nevertheless, we expect that 2017 Toyota 86 cabin will stay largely the same. It is spacious enough though to accommodate four passengers. There is enough of space in the front part of the car which is good for a driver as well as front passenger. Hardly can you say that there is a lot of space inside of the auto but it is enough for passengers with cargo.

What is more, its rear seats are of split-folding type. The steering wheel is telescopic, it is covered with leather. Infotainment system includes a screen of seven inches. There are also navigation system and connectivity for your Bluetooth and Smartphone onboard. You can also find such features as cruise control, camera of a rear view, high definition radio and some others.

2016-08-8 by Luke Widmeyer