2017 Subaru STi: Long Expected Innovations

At the Detroit auto show, Subaru introduced a high-performance sports sedan Subaru STI 2017 model year, which has in the name of the word Impreza. The main differences between cars — powerful engine, reinforced manual transmission, hard sports suspension and a big spoiler on the trunk.

2017 Subaru STI specs

For getting rid of extra pounds with the hood lowered for a better view of the air intake is made of aluminum, and beneath it is a 2.5-liter boxer engine developing 305 HP at 6 thousand Rev/min. Installed exclusively on model STI 4-cylinder unit has a peak torque of slightly less than 400 Newton meters at 4000 rpm, and from technologies of low-height engine uses turbocharging and an independent change of valve timing for intake and exhaust valves.

For the flagship version of the STI is not offered automatic transmission as its predecessor, but only 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. Handling is responsive, as from lock to lock in just 2.5 turns from 2.8. Stiff suspension provides confident grip at speed, and the standard torque distribution all-wheel drive in the ratio 41:59 can be changed by selecting one of six modes of operation of the center differential.

In addition to the modes of transmission, via a rotary switch on the Central tunnel, you can choose the nature of the work of the engine. Provides Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp modes Intelligent Drive system, change settings, electronics throttle control.

2017 Subaru STI Equipment

Inside the car are multifunctional steering wheel with three spokes and a flat bottom, metal pedals and red decorative accents on the black seat covering. Version of the WRX STI Limited is offered with managed electricity a large panoramic sunroof and the driver seat in eight directions, as well as for skin finish and high-quality audio from the award-winning Harman Kardon.

The value of the wheelbase of both cars is equal to 2 670 mm (+ 25), width – 1 777, height – 1 455

The front suspension on 2017 Subaru STI with a new body is racks McPherson, rear multi-link and rear stabilizer bar integrated into the body of the car, which had markedly improved handling and twice lowered the banks.

In the company note that these innovations in car design were the most visible in the evolution model 2017 Subaru STI for all time of its existence. Except that under the hood, nothing radically new has happened.

In movement the car results in an upgraded 2.0-liter boxer engine received a direct injection system and a number of other modifications, due to what its impact has been increased from 150 to 154 HP Dynamic characteristics of the model are not specified.

2016-05-15 by Luke Widmeyer