2017 Prius Prime Follows its Traditions

Toyota continues to surprise its buyers. It does not follow modern trend of improving electric cars dramatically. New Toyota Prius Prime proves that because it has not been modified that much with the exception on its cabin as well as few minor features.

2017 Prius Prime Release Date

This auto is going to hit the market in fall 2017.

2017 Pius Prime Price

There are no official details given on this topic yet. Nevertheless, numerous credible sources estimate that it is going to swirl around $30,000.

2017 Prius Prime Redesign

Overall look of this model is going to be of the same classical for Prius design. It also follows its philosophy of minimal air resistance. Updated grill is equipped with shutters of automatic type. You can find improved headlamps as well as DRLs. All of them are of LED kind. Taillights are made in the shape of a wing. There are

Taillights are made in the shape of a wing. There are lot of strong looking lines and curves over the body of the car which makes it more aggressive. The body itself is of bigger size in comparison to its predecessor. It sits a bit lower as well. Performance of this auto has been improved owing to use of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel. Its aerodynamic type of body is going to improve drag coefficient.

2017 Pius Prime Video

2017 Prius Prime Engine and Specifications

New vehicle is going to run on system known as Synergy Drive. Such system used in Highlander hybrid and Camry hybrid as well. It uses electric motor as well as petrol one. Its AWD model which is made as CVT. Typical socket is enough to charge this Prius. Petrol engine is inherited from 2016 model which uses four cylinders along with 1.8 litres of displacement. The speed of this auto has been raised up to 84 MPH.

2017 Prius Prime Interior

New Prius Prime is equipped with numerous features which make it more up to date. The cabin is wide enough to accommodate four passengers with comfort. It is achieved due to heated seats in the front part and split folding seats in the rear part.

Fabric of high quality is used as upholstery. Infotainment screen is of 11.6 inches wide. It includes a lot of apps allowing you to use automatic climate control and various options. There is an opportunity to compare your driving scores with people from all over the world on-line.

Sound system used is GreenEdge which provides better sound quality. Safety features are also wide. They offer you assistance of steering as well as warning of pre collisions and other helpful systems. You can choose monitoring of blind spots and parking assistant as optional features.

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2016-08-15 by Luke Widmeyer