2017 Porsche Carrera making its way to perfection

-Who has the easiest job in the world?
-A Porsche 911 designer.

OK, that may be a little harsh, but there never seems to be a radical redesign, the 911 evolves rather than revolutionizes, you could look at a modern day 911 and the first model and you’d see the lineage easily. The next generation Carrera is more of the same; subtle updates and minor revisions. But then Porsche would no doubt argue that if you’ve got such a great product, why change it?
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

2017 Porsche Carrera Release date

The new 2017 Porsche Carrera is available in the showroom now – it’s been on the sales list since March this year.

2017 Porsche Carrera Price

It seems that Porsche have added a little extra to the price for the new 911 Carrera. The new model is just over $5,000 more than the previous, this means the base price is in the region of $90,500 with taxes.

2017 Porsche Carrera Redesign and changes

Perhaps the most significant change to the new Carrera is the loss of a naturally aspirated engine. The new model (and the ‘S’) have both been changed to turbo power (although don’t expect any 80’s style ‘Turbo’ badging to tell everyone). Both the standard Carrera and the Carrera S have a 3.0 liter twin turbo motor, the base model knocks out 370 BHP and 331 lb/ft of torque and the S increases that to 420 BHP and 368 lb/ft; both increased over the previous generation.

2017 Porsche Carrera Video

2017 Porsche Carrera Performance

Discounting the noise, the only real giveaway to the new turbo setup is the 911 Turbo like vents set in to the rear bumper. Porsche say that the increased power raises the top speed to 183 MPH and reduces the 0-60 MPH time to 4.0 seconds. Better yet, Porsche have said that the new motor is 12% more fuel efficient – that’s like free horsepower.

2017 Porsche Carrera Equipment

Porsche have also taken the decision to fit all the Carrera’s with the Porsche Active Suspension Management system, giving a better ride and handling characteristics. Dynamic control for all systems is done through the 7” touchscreen and infotainment screen; it will control the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and numerous other features available.

Safety systems include anti-collision, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane guidance and of course the usual airbags and ABS.
While we mock the fact that Porsche are unwilling to reinvent the wheel, it does mean that the product you’re buying is ultra-reliable and proven for what it’s intended for.

2017 Porsche Carrera images

2016-10-29 by Luke Widmeyer