2017 Lincoln Navigator Takes Unexpected Look

2017 Lincoln Navigator is one of those models which have surprised the market when it first appeared. Its untypical appearance made car lovers worried because it was rather unusual.

However, Lincoln representatives stay calm saying that the final version of the car will be nice and stylish. Let’s see, if it is true.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Release Date

The new model is going to come to the market in 2018.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Price

Since the car is still a concept it is quite difficult to predict its final price. It depends on engine choice and variants as well as the trims.

However, there are assumptions that 2017 Lincoln Navigator will cost a bit more than its predecessor.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Redesign

The whole appearance of this car is based on Ford F-150 aluminum platform. Such approach is useful to make the car light weighted and more productive. It also helps to save you some money as well.

The untypical decision of the carmaker was to equip the model with gull wing doors. Nevertheless, it is claimed that the final version of the car will have typical doors. As well as the steps leading up to the interior.

It is promised that they will be removed. What is more, the car uses a new grill which reminds of Bentley Bentayga and a new bonnet similar to Range Rover one’s. The colour of the body stays of the same blue mood. Linclon does not want to reinvent Navigator’s design totally because it is a recognizable trend which is popular on the market.

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2017 Lincoln Navigator Video

2017 Lincoln Navigator Engine and Specifications

Lincoln does not give enough information on engine use but there are some predictions. We can hope to see twin turbocharged V6 type of engine with 3.5 liter of displacement which is not so different from the previous model.

Nevertheless, 2017 Navigator is said to have productivity of 400 horsepower which is a bit higher than it was. Moreover, the engine will have features to help you reduce the fuel consumption.

The car is going to have the same engine as Ford Expedition.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Interior

According to the carmaker gull wing doors are used to show the interior from a better perspective. Thus we can see that there are six comfortable seats inside which follow the body contour.

The cabin is very spacious as well as the cargo space part. You can find a closet along with shelves in there. The car has a wide range of entertaining functions and systems. For instance, there is a big touch screen for the driver and a smaller screen for each passenger above.

The car is made in blue colour inside using high class leather skin. The model also has a camera, parking assistance and other safety features. The final model is bound to have a wider range of equipment.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Pictures

2016-06-16 by Luke Widmeyer