2017 Jeep Liberty might come back next year

The 2017 Jeep Liberty is a cross between the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, and if the renderings are anything to go by, looks remarkably like the Land Rover Discovery from the profile view.
First introduced back in 2002, the Liberty has been a reasonably strong contender in the market, certainly enough for Jeep to be introducing a 2017 model at least. Facts and information are scant regarding the new model, but we’ve brought together some information that we believe to be correct.
Keep checking back here as we update that information.

2017 Jeep Liberty Release date

Rumors say that the new 2017 Jeep Liberty will hit the showroom either in late 2016 or early 2017. Given that information is so hard to come by, we think it will be later rather than sooner, so expect early 2017.

2017 Jeep Liberty release date: early 2017

2017 Jeep Liberty Price

Again, there is a huge amount of speculation regarding the price, this is mainly because Jeep haven’t confirmed anything. We have seen some websites listing the base model at just over $23,000 and others saying the cheapest one starts at $32,000. Given the level of trim, the market sector and the competition, we think closer to the $30,000 mark.

2017 Jeep Liberty Redesign and changes

We believe that the new Liberty will be fitted with a V6 or V8 depending on trim level (likely to be borrowed from Durango), some mention diesel power but that’s unlikely in our book. We do know that whatever motor choices are used, they will be tuned for economy and performance; vehicles just have to be better on gas now to fit with the manufacturers legislation.

2017 Jeep Liberty video

2017 Jeep Liberty Specs

This is also the reason why we’re seeing the rise of 6,7,8 and even 9-speed auto transmissions – they help with economy. The new Liberty will be fitted with an 8-speed auto transmission, although some have suggested that there may be a manual version as well. We don’t think so.

2017 Jeep Liberty Equipment

The Liberty will have a great deal of tech fitted to it, most of it as standard but of course there will be options to tick when purchasing. It will include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, Accident Response System, Emergency Call, anti-collision, park assist, rear view camera and the latest in LED touchscreen infotainment systems, with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

We also believe that the new model will be significantly lighter than the outgoing model, and that it will have completely new bumpers (front & rear), a redesigned chrome front grille and LED lighting all round.

2016-10-17 by Luke Widmeyer