2017 Honda Pilot Returns Refreshed

One of the most famous SUV names is back in the game. 2017 Honda Pilot has improved the drawbacks of the previous model. The upcoming auto promises to offer a tasty design, modified rear seats and numerous safety features. Time to learn more about all the characteristics of this automobile. Here is the latest 2017 Honda Pilot news.

The main rivals for the car are Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, Toyota Highlander.

2017 Honda Pilot Release Date

People ask, when 2017 Honda Pilot come out, when to expect release date in USA and Canada. As said by carmakers the new auto comes no sooner than the autumn 2016. However, this date can be cancelled due to production process.

Release date: autumn 2016

2017 Honda Pilot Redesign

The new version of the Pilot is far from boring and unexciting. When you first see this car, you feel that this is the auto with charisma. You can’t but fall in love with its contours and lines which are performed in smooth and elegant way. Grace is the word which you first think of looking at this auto. The grill is chromed and equipped with highlights of LED type. The bumper is divided into three sections. The rear part is less impressive but still doesn’t mar the overall impression.

2017 Honda Pilot changes

Since the release date of new generation SUV held in 2015, the answer to the question what changed in 2017 Honda Pilot might be rather certain. Honda always updates its cars every 3-4 years, so we could only expect minor changes considering the appearance of the car and trim level changes.


2017 Honda Pilot colors

2017 Honda Pilot new colors are not expected in the range; it is likely to keep the current exterior colors. It consist of eight colors - Steel sapphire (light blue), obsidian blue, dark cherry, black forest (dark green), crystal black, modern steel (grey), lunar silver and white diamond.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

The interior part of 2017 Pilot hasn’t being modified that much. It is still spacious cross over for eight passengers. But now you can obtain a special version with seven seats and two additional made for “the captain”. The interior is really spacious so you can take a good deal of luggage when you’re on a trip. The front panel of the car has been modified and uses touch screen of 8 inches now. The rear area offers a nine inch display built in the ceiling of the car.

2017 Honda Pilot interior colors range are not wide, as you can see in pictures, its either dark or white leather. 2017 Honda Pilot has bucket seats only in front, but as you could see on Honda Pilot 2017 seating plan view, there might be 8-seat version - two on front row, three on second and third rows; or buckets seats in second row.


2017 Honda Pilot Elite

Elite is the most stuffed and luxurious version of the SUV. 2017 Honda Pilot Elite interior has not so much changes in comparison with Touring trim level. So, it has special so-called 'captain chairs' for the second row (actually it is two separate seats) with heating, wonderful panoramic roof and blind spot warning. 2017 Honda Pilot Elite price with only available AWD 9-speed transmission is likely to stay the same, starting from around $47,000 without options.

2017 Honda Pilot Engine and Specifications

The fresh model is going to use V6 type of engine with 3.5 liter and 283 horsepower. A VCM system is planned to decrease the workload of the cylinders. Such an approach makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption. The base version of the car includes six speed automatic transmission. However you can order nine speed automatic one.


2017 Honda Pilot towing capacity

The towing capacity depends on what type of transmission is used. So, FWD-only Pilot could tow only up to 3,500 lbs, while the all-wheel drive capacity increases to 5,000 lbs maximum.

2017 Honda Pilot dimensions

The 2017 Honda Pilot length is equal to 194.5 inches, the width is 78.6", height 69.8" and the wheelbase is 111 inches flat. There is no changes in comparison with 2016 model. The curb weight is from 4,054 up to 4,317 depending on transmission and trim level. 2017 Honda Pilot ground clearance is not so spectacular, just 7.3".

2017 Honda Pilot horsepower

The horsepower rating for 3.5L V6 engine of the SUV is equal to the current generation model - 280 HP.

2017 Honda Pilot Video

2017 Honda Pilot Price

Judging from the information available there’re no reasons to believe that new Pilot will cost more than the previous one. That is why we can hope for the price to be around $30,000

2017 Honda Pilot Review

2017 Honda Pilot promises to be a breath of fresh air on SUV market. Somehow it manages to save all of its best features and look different at the same time. Sweet designed along with better interior are a good combination for the new model. Even though the engine power stays relatively unchanged it doesn’t make this auto less expected.

2017 Honda Pilot Pictures

2016-06-2 by Luke Widmeyer