2017 Honda CR-V Is Growing Up

Honda CR-V is a Japanese crossover with more than 20 years of history since the first generation has been released. Today the car has changed its appearance. A compact crossover is good to take your family for a picnic. New 2017 Honda CR-V is much better that the previous generation. The main rival is Ford Escape.

2017 Honda CR-V Overview

According to the rumors about the next generation crossover 2017 Honda CR-V will hit the market with three rows of seats in the cabin which can accommodate seven passengers. The updated car will be much larger than its predecessor. The appearance will be of a respectful type.

2017 Honda CR-V Release Date

The 5th generation of CR-V is going to be released in late 2017.

2017 Honda CRV Redesign

2017 Honda CR-V is promised to much more spacious. What is more, you can find some new attractive details as well.

New size of the model can entail bumpers, optics and wheels being larger too. So the bumper is going to look more massive. Front grill is said to become more brutal. The whole new look is going to be stylish and eye catching.

2017 Honda CR-V Video

2017 Honda CR-V Interior

There is not much information on the inside part of the car. However, the existing news is rather intriguing.

The new model is going to be of a premium type. The dashboard is to be improved and provide numerous features. The new crossover is going to offer a large display in the upper part to entertain your passengers. The car will also be equipped with cup holders. New cabin provides a lot of space for the luggage. Navigation system and climate control are on board as well as better security systems.

2017 Honda CR-V Engine and Specifications

The new model is going to be of AWD type. The car will be equipped with the power of 175 horses which is produced by petrol motor with capacity of 1.5 liter. Another type of engine is a two liter unit with 200 horsepower. There is also hybrid version which is under consideration at the moment.

2017 Honda CR-V Images

2016-05-22 by Luke Widmeyer