2017 Honda Civic SI: Mystery No More

2017 Honda Civic SI is a mysterious car. There are a lot of rumors about it. Some say that this is a concept only. Others claim that this car is already in production. There are even assumptions that such model does not even exist. So let’s try to sort it all out and realize what we are going to see. Here is some 2017 Honda Civic Si news and rumors.

The main rivals for the car is hot hatches like Ford Focus ST.

2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date

2017 Honda Civic SI made many car lovers worry because its release date has been kept in secret for a long time. Nonetheless, latest car shows and promises from the carmaker give us a glimpse of hope that this model will be released in the beginning of 2017. 2017 Honda Civic Si is likely to be available as coupe and sedan, which release date will come simultaneously. 2017 Honda Civic Si US release date might be earlier than in Canada (which probably have the SiR name).

2017 Honda Civic SI Price

Since Honda Civic SI 2017 is still far from its final stage of production we can only make a guess how much it will cost. Judging from the previous models and new equipment which 2017 Civic will have we can predict that the price will start from $24,000 which is quite reasonable for such type of auto with quite a powerful engine. 2017 Honda Civic Si coupe, hatchback and sedan price won't be equal. It is expected that sedan will have the most affordable price.

2017 Honda Civic SI Redesign

The majority of sources believe that new auto will look minimalistic and stylish. The whole body of 2017 Civic SI is said to become much wider and spacious to provide enough space for the driver and passengers with luggage. However, this model is going to be equipped with numerous details and features. 2017 auto will have a new exhaust which looks much better than the previous one. New bumpers have become more attractive. 2017 Honda Civic Si will looks great in bright colors.

2017 Honda Civic SI Interior

Inside part of this model is supposed to be spacious, comfortable and luxurious to provide you a better driving experience than before. New seats are also improved and are promised to follow contours of your body. As far as we know, 2017 Civic SI will have a wide range of safety features and infotainment systems which will be helpful to you. Some of them are navigation system, sound system of high quality and different types of connectivity for your devices. As for the materials, we still do not know which ones are going to be used but we hope to see the best quality.

2017 Honda Civic Si coupe interior will not differ much from the current cabin of a 2-door car.

2017 Honda Civic SI Specs

To begin with, 2017 Honda Civic is going to be equipped with two kinds of engine. 2017 Honda Civic Si coupe and hatchback specs will be equal.

2017 Honda Civic SI Video

2017 Honda Civic Si Engine Specs

The first one is 2.4 liter engine with productivity of 220 horsepower as well as 180 lb-ft of torque. The latter is V-Tech type of unit which has capacity of 1.5 liter with productivity of 200 horsepower along with 210 lb-ft of torque. The engine is turbocharged. As for transmission, it is going to be a six speed manual one. Both models are said to be of FWD type. 2017 Honda Civic Si horsepower rating is enough to provide good sporty performance.


2017 Honda Civic Si Review

As it was traditionally claimed since the 1984 when the original Civic Si was released, the Si abbreviation means 'Sport injected'. The previous generation Honda Civic Si was available in US market as a coupe and a sedan. You could find a lot of consumer reviews stated the great combination of high-rpm Honda engine and 6-speed manual with LSD. The next-gen Honda Civic Si 2017 is probably will be available in all three bodies: sedan, coupe and a 5-door hatchback.

2017 Honda Civic SI Pictures

2016-06-18 by Luke Widmeyer