2017 Ford Taurus Exclusively For The Chinese Market

2017 Ford Taurus was presented to the whole world at Shanghai auto show. According to numerous sources the car is created for the Chinese market only. The main rivals in the US market are Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300, Toyota Avalon and Chevy Impala.

2017 Ford Taurus Release Date

The sales of the updated Ford Taurus will start after the mid 2016. Car fans are already eager to see it.

2017 Ford Taurus Redesign

The design of the model is close to the preceding Ford Mondeo. Many features are inherited from that model. Angular grille as well a narrow head optics, for instance. However, the new Taurus looks more elegant and graceful. The latest pictures show that new body of the car is closer to the business class. The car is updated with a new bumper and fog lamps. The model also includes horizontal lines, chrome bezel, neat mirrors, large wheel arches and perfectly designed roof. The rear part of the car reminds of Ford Mondeo 5 with some modifications.The exhaust system is the most significant one.

2017 Ford Taurus Parameters

The new model has the following parameters.

  • length: 5150 mm;
  • width: 1935 mm;
  • height: 1542 mm.

Such parameters make this car quite difficul to park in the city.


2017 Ford Taurus Interior

The interior part is as luxurious as the exterior one. The inside designed is changed that looks impressive. The materials of high quality are used, some elements are individually decorated with leather which undoubtedly makes the model more representable as well as more expensive. Interior of 2017 Ford Taurus is quite spacious owing to the larger wheelbase. The front and rear part are really comfortable. The dashboard has been changed too. The car is rather ergonomic now. 2017 Ford Taurus has a lot of places to store small things.

The interior also includes

  • multimedia system;
  • navigation system;
  • roof with panoramic view;
  • climate control;
  • cruise control;
  • airbags.

2017 Ford Taurus Engine and Specifications

2017 Ford Taurus has following specifications.

Engine Power, HP Acceleration, sec l/100 km Maximum speed, km/h
2,0 240 7,6 9,0 235
V3,5 288 6,8 11,2 250
V3,5 turbo 365 6,1 11,8 250


All types of engine are equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission. The suspension is independent making the car run quiet and smooth.

2017 Ford Taurus Video

2017 Ford Taurus Advantages And Disadvantages

What's good about 2017 Ford Taurus:

  • rich equipment;
  • representable interior;
  • good looking style;
  • high level of performance.

What's bad about 2017 Ford Taurus:

  • low clearance;
  • expensive service;
  • high price;
  • high consumption.

All in all, 2017 Ford Taurus is perfect for those who need a representable type of car with high level of comfort and safety. However, the large size of the auto makes the model rather too big for the city.

2016-04-26 by Luke Widmeyer