2017 Ford Super Duty Pickup With A New Opportunities

The world famous company Ford unveiled 2017 Ford Super Duty truck of new generation. Submitted to the novelty was the world auto show in New York with international participation. The main rivals are Dodge Ram 2500 and Nissan Titan XD.

2017 Ford Super Duty key features

The novelty has received a new chassis, which requires the fulfilment of certain add-ons, therefore, was adopted by the company's engineers to remove the box frame. The latter is mounted on Super Duty 2017, but in 2018 they will not, as a launch of a new serial production line. The new generation of the 2017 Ford Super Duty box type frame is mounted just under the cockpit, along with this the rear of the vehicle contains frame with a C-shaped cross section. It should be noted that such technological changes practically does not appear on the stiffness of the overall design.

New crossover Ford got a Power Stroke engine, which has eight cylinders and the volume of 6,7 litres. The power of the new motor is 440 horsepower, 30 horsepower more for predecessor. Craving also is 860 Nm, approximately 120 Nm higher for the representative of the former generation. Box has six steps and is fully automated.

New facets of the capabilities of the Super Duty

During the development of the chassis of the new generation designers of the company Ford special attention is paid to the maximum permissible load on the front axle of the truck. Chassis Super Duty new generation stands on 3, 4 tons, which is 113 kg more over the nearest competitor. If you consider towing a trailer and all the add-ins, then the maximum weight of the truck can be 18144 kg is 1.3 tons more than competitive counterparts.

The final result

New crossover 2017 Ford Super Duty has advanced technological characteristics that make the leader of his class. This gives grounds to assume that to assume new growth in the number of sales in 2016-17. New 2017 Super Duty once again shifts the threshold of functionality, thanks to the successful implementation of all the advanced achievements of the company Ford, which is one of the leaders of the modern automobile.

New alloy body

Ford introduced the F-150 pickup truck with body panels made of aluminum alloys. It is possible to reduce curb weight of the vehicle, to improve corrosion resistance and to once again boast of innovation in the production. Now the American manufacturer has unveiled the modification Super Duty 2016-2017 model year with a larger capacity. The bestselling a-segment and will continue to set the standard, offering an even higher level of comfort and excellent consumer qualities.