2017 Ford Raptor Promises to Break Into The Market Like A Storm

The introduction of the first Raptor by Ford was like a storm breaking into the quite harbor of cars. The freshly born model was full of pleasant surprises, its performance was of a level still high and the warranty by factory was also included. Has the upcoming Raptor stayed the same? No doubts, he has. He still comes with the best features which are even improved. So, it’s we learnt more about this peace-breaker.

The main rivals are Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado.

2017 Ford Raptor Release Date

Even though the fresh Raptor goes under 2017 title, it’s promised to be released on autumn 2016. That sounds quite trustworthy since claimed by the carmaker itself.

Release date: autumn 2016

2017 Ford Raptor Price

The improved Ford doesn’t promise to cost much more than existing versions. The base models are assumed to reach about $50,000 while higher models will reach a little bit more than $60,000.

2017 Ford Raptor Overview

Still amazed by the previous Ford Raptor? The new one is almost ready to go beyond your expectations because it comes in a lighter frame, with roomy cabin and improved interior while the price stays almost the same.

2017 Ford Raptor Video

2017 Ford Raptor Redesign

The new model still of a traditional boxy look but of a lighter weight now. The Raptor will be presented in two different variants. The first one is elegant looking SuperCab which is of more sporty type.

The second one SuperCrew is closer to brutal design and provides more space inside for the driver and passengers. Overall approach to the redesigned version makes most of its parts smaller that goes to the grill and bumper. The representable Ford logo still here.

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2017 Ford Raptor Engine and Specifications

It can sound as bad news for most of you that the new Raptor is planned to lose his famous V8. Relax, carmakers promise that it won’t decrease the performance of the car. The idea is to provide this model with eco-boost V6 engine which can produce up to 411 horsepower and to be of port- and injected type.

However, there’re predictions that the supercar GT version will come with super powerful engine producing 450 horsepower at average.

2017 Ford Raptor Interior

Even though the 2017 Raptor is almost released Ford still doesn’t provide enough information concerning the interior aspect. As we can judge from video reports the upcoming interior is rather modified. So the steering wheel is equipped with a number of useful functions the precise list of which is still under secret.

Moreover, modified gearbox is expected along with clever navigation system. The seats are promised to be of leather and audio/video systems as well as climate control are almost definite to be installed.

2017 Ford Raptor Photos

2016-06-1 by Luke Widmeyer