2017 Ford Ranger Is Getting Modern

Ford Ranger is coming back. This is the announcement which has raised a lot of interest among car lovers. The brand with a history which is especially popular in the States is going to be released again. It’s rather unexpected and intriguing how Ford is going to surprise this time. The main rival for the Ranger in the US market will be Toyota Tacoma.

2017 Ford Ranger Release Date

2017 Ford Ranger is going to be available in the first quarter of 2017.

2017 Ford Ranger Price

The price of the 2017 Ranger is going to circle around $50,000

2017 Ford Ranger Overview

2017 Ford Ranger is a promising type of car. The auto combines its good old features which made it famous along with the most modern decisions and equipment. The powerful engine makes this model reliable and durable as well. Even though the final variant may be slightly changed the whole idea of the new auto is really inspiring.

2017 Ford Ranger Video


2017 Ford Ranger Redesign

The upcoming model makes quite a good impression. The designers have made a lot of work to make the more distinctive from the previous model. The new auto will be closer to classical crossover look. The new headlights have a sharper shape. The fog lights are designed in more aggressive manner as well.

The body of the car will be of a size typical for a pickup of a full size. The upgraded exterior has a lot of new details and features which make the car different from its relatives. The model will stay the same Ranger but of more up to date appearance. The car itself is going to be made of steel and aluminum to make the car durable and light weighted at the same time.

2017 Ford Ranger Engine and Specifications

The modified version of the car will offer you three types of engine. The base model will come with TDCi engine with 3.2 liter of displacement and 197 horsepower. Another variant is diesel type of TDCi Duratorq with 2.2 liter displacement and 158 horsepower. The last one is Duratec engine which provides you with displacement of 2.5 liter and productivity of 163 horsepower.

2017 Ford Ranger Interior

The new interior will follow the latest car trends. The dashboard as well as other instruments has become more ergonomic to make use of them easier. The touchscreen is wide with 8 inches of width. The upholstery can be chosen depending on the trim.

The upcoming model is promised to be the most highly technological one. The infotainment system is going to offer you a lot to control the car and use entertainments. The set of them also depends on the trim chosen. The safety features are going to be of extremely high level.

2016-06-11 by Luke Widmeyer