2017 Ford GT Is Getting Stronger

2017 Ford GT has been announced during Geneva motor show.

The date when sales of this model start is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Ford GT triumph.

2017 Ford GT Release Date

2017 Ford Mustang GT is going to be quite priced. However, we cannot predict the certain price yet.

2017 Ford GT Redesign

2017 Ford GT combines classical and futuristic lines. The whole car look like a spaceship.

2017 Ford GT Video

2017 Ford GT Exterior

The Ford GT is made in the shape of a teardrop to reduce air resistance and enhance its speed. In the front there are two air intakes to improve aerodynamics. The bumper is modified too. New wheels are 20 inches wide.

2017 Ford GT Engine and Specifications

2017 Ford GT gets you EcoBoost V6 type of engine with 3.5 liter of displacement. The power of the engine reaches 608 hp while emission of carbon dioxide as well as fuel consumption is reduced. The engine has combined type of injection. New model will be equipped with 7 step automatic transmission with two clutches.

2017 Ford GT Interior

The dashboard is black at the upper part and grey at the bottom. There is also climate control, audio system and adjustable headlights. In general 2017 Ford Mustang GT interior is quite minimalistic.

2017 Ford GT Pictures

2016-06-4 by Luke Widmeyer